Joe Exotic Begs Donald Trump for Pardon: I've Been Assaulted in Jail!

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It is not a good time to be Joe Exotic right now.

Some might say this is an evergreen statement, but it applies more than ever at the moment.

Just consider...

joe and donald

The convicted felon's arch nemesis -- the man he went to jail for trying to have killed! -- has just been cast on Dancing with the Stars.

And while millions of people out there are aghast at Carole Baskin being given such a platform, this doesn't change the fact that she's more famous than ever before... largely thanks to Exotic and his unhealthy disdain for her.

(Exotic and Baskin were the lead stars on Tiger King, a Netflix documentary that came out in March and centered on this pair of eccentric, seemingly very troubled, alleged animal activists.

Exotic was eventually found guilty of hiring a hitman to try and murder Baskin, a crime for which he's serving a 22-year prison sentence.)

Joe Exotic at Zoo

Back in late August, Exotic tried to convince President Donald Trump that he was worthy of a pardon.

Nay, that President Trump needed to pardon him if he wanted to win re-election.

Now, Exotic has penned a 257-page letter that outlines all the reasons why the Commander-in-Chief should get him out of prison right this very instant.

Foremost among these reasons? Exotic claims he's been raped behind bars.

President Donald Trump, No Mask

"I have been sexually assaulted by jail staff, beat up and tied in a chair to the point the skin came off my arms," Exotic writes in this letter, continuing as follows:

"Please be my hero ... my hands are damaged from the abuse in jail so I'm sorry for the soppy (sic) writing and spelling."

Exotic even went ahead and looked past the upcoming election, including the hashtah #TrumpJr.2024 with his lengthy message.

Aside from showing support for Donald Trump Jr.'s potential Presidential campaign, Exotic said he's afraid he'll die in jail before his scheduled 2037 release.

Joe Exotic Mugshot


Due to his health being compromised because of various medical issues, including anemia and common variable immune deficiency.

The polarizing former reality star also submitted a multitude of character references, including one from Kerri Walker, whose cousin worked at the zoo featured on Netflix.

She makes an appeal to Trump, explaining how Joe received a raw deal, just like Trump did with the "grab-'em-by-the-pussy" tape.

Oh, and Exotic swears he never tried to have Baskin killed, writing off all threats toward her as "hyperbole."

He also thinks he was found guilty because he's gay.

Dillon Passage and Joe Exotic

Speaking of which, Dillon Passage, Exotic's husband, is also featured in the pardon plea.

"I see a sweet, big heart man, with good intentions, who took a few steps down a dark road, and he's just waiting to be pulled out of it," writes Passage to Trump.

In the end, Joe makes this simple plea to President Trump:

"Allow me to make you proud, to make America proud, to make the world proud. Be my hero please."

TMZ, meanwhile, reached out to the federal prison in which Exotic is being held and a spokesperson there saiid "there was no such assault" against Exotic.

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