Meghan Markle Has a Message For the Internet: Stop Freakin' Lying About Me!

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Over the past few years, Meghan Markle has gone from little-known actress on a basic cable legal drama to one of the most famous women in the world.

And not surprisingly, such a meteoric rise has presented plenty of challenges.

Meghan Speaks

Meghan has been slandered by the tabloid press to the point that she's been forced to file lawsuits.

Even after she and Prince Harry moved to America in order to escape the prying eyes of the British media they were forced to sue a photographer who had snapped a photo of their 1-year-old son, Archie.

Now, Meghan is joining the global fight against online harassment and misinformation.

Meghan Markle on YouTube

As America reels from watching a presidential debate that was largely devoid of facts, Meghan is adding her voice to the chorus of concerned citizens who are desperate for reliable sources of information.

″We have got to all put our stock in something that is true, and we need to have reliable media and news sources that are telling us the truth…when you know something is wrong, report it, talk about it,″ Meghan said at Fortune magazine's Most Powerful Women virtual summit on Tuesday.

“It’s like we live in the future when you’re talking about bots and trolls and all of these things,” she continued.

Meghan Markle Speaks Out

“It seems so fantastical, but that’s actually the current state of affairs and that is shaping how we interact with each other online and off — and that’s the piece that’s important," the Duchess of Sussex added.

"It is not just an isolated experience. It transcends into how you interact with anyone around you and certainly your own relationship with yourself.”

Meghan has endorsed Joe Biden for the presidency, but for the most part she's remained quiet about the upcoming election.

Meghan Markle on AGT

Of course, the media response to her statements has been anything but subdued.

Donald Trump attacked Meghan during a recent press conference and sarcastically wished Harry "good luck" in his marriage.

During this week's summit, Meghan pointed out that while the response to her comments is often outrageous, the comments themselves are usually anything but.

Meghan Markle Is 39!

″If you look back at anything I’ve said, what ends up being inflammatory is people’s interpretation of it," Markle pointed out.

"But if you listen to what I actually say it’s not controversial."

It's true that you would be hard-pressed to find any other public figure who has made quite so many enemies despite so few controversial statements.

Meghan In Red

Those who have followed the situation closely have attributed this imbalance to racism, anti-American sentiment in the UK, media bias, and prejudice against Meghan as a divorced woman and a former actress.

In all likelihood the first factor is the biggest culprit, but we're sure each has played a role in the bizarre attempt to disparage a young mother whose only crime appears to be marrying the man she loves.

But while the situation is certainly grim, Meghan believes there's  cause for optimism.

Our Duchess

The coronavirus pandemic and the current racial unrest are among the greatest challenges this nation has ever faced, but the Duchess echoed Biden's campaign slogan when she suggested we may have an opportunity to build back better.

During the summit, Meghan noted that we  "are all going through a reset and we are all going through a moment of reckoning — and probably a reevaluation of what really matters.”

And the future of our nation could lie in the outcome of the reevaluation.

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