June Shannon: Can She Stay Sober on "From Not to Hot" Season 5?

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Now that Mama June Shannon is 7 months sober, fans are itching to see if her recovery will play out on their screens.

According to one of the stars, Season 5 of From Not To Hot is a go.

Lauryn Shannon and Doe Doe Shannon

June Shannon's sister, Doe Doe, took to Instagram after reaching a special milestone.

"100K.!!!!! Thank you to all my fans and followers," she gushed in the caption.

Doe Doe raved at reaching such a lofty follower count: "Y’all are amazing!!!! Thank you thank you."

Doe Doe Shannon Has Found Something

One commenter praised Doe Doe, telling her that she's "worth that plus more."

Doe Doe thanked her.

Another asked if she is on TikTok. Doe Doe clarifies that she is not.

Doe Doe Shannon Checks In

"Will there be another season??" asked one worried commenter, who included a tearful emoji.

"Yes," Doe Doe responded, seemingly confirming that Season 5 of Mama June: From Not To Hot will take place in some form.

You can see that exchange for yourself in this screenshot of the comments:

Doe Doe Shannon IG yes there will be a season 5

Now, WeTV has not yet confirmed that Season 5 is a thing.

Confirming that something will happen is complicated in the entertainment industry, and it must sometimes be done at specific times for legal reasons.

Other times, a network or production company is still getting its ducks in a row before things are officially signed off.

Doe Doe Shannon

But if Doe Doe is out here saying "yes" to that question, she must believe it.

Our guess of course is that she has either been told by production that there will be another season, or that they are already filming.

Considering that they were already many weeks into filming at this time last year for Season 4, it is entirely possible that they have dozens of hours of footage recorded already.

June Shannon is Sober

Earlier this summer, June showed off her six-month sobriety chip.

When it comes to the fight for your own mind against the horrors of addiction, every milestone must be celebrated and cherished.

Starting over in a video game may be fun. Starting over on a sobriety journey is not -- so she knows that she needs to stick with this.

Lauryn Shannon and Alana Thompson are Overwhelmed

As we saw on Mama June: Family Crisis, June had multiple chances in seasons 3 and 4 to get clean and get sober.

Unfortunately, her addiction was too strong.

And because she was so fixated on boyfriend Geno Doak, the idea of spending any amount of time in rehab away from him was sadly a dealbreaker.

June Shannon on the Finale

However, it appears that she and Geno are making strides together in order to get their lives back in order.

Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on drugs isn't just hell on your body -- it was devastating to their lives.

June lost her home, her financial security, and worse -- she lost the trust of her family.

Lauryn Shannon is Furious

June didn't just hurt her family by disappointing them again and again by backing out of rehab.

She also sold some of their possessions to total strangers.

That she was not in her right state of mind was not an excuse -- it was part of the problem.

June on TV

We are tentatively excited by this news and hope that WeTV will soon confirm that Season 5 is officially happening.

It's not just that we are curious to see how the family's story continues to unfold.

Reality TV may be June's one ticket back to financial security. She's going to need to find and buy a new house. TV money can help with that.

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