June Shannon: I Love My Daughters So Much I Quit Crack For Them!

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Now that she's more than six months sober, Mama June Shannon is once again able to truly appreciate her estranged family.

She is wishing a very happy birthday to her eldest daughter and her youngest, Alana.

June Shannon Shows Off Her Cute New 'Do

"Hey guys, what's up, this is your girl Mama June," the fallen reality star said to fans and followers on Friday, August 28.

"it's Friday," she acknowledged, adding that "hopefully you're all getting ready for the weekend."

"And," June added, "have a great weekend."

June Shannon is Looking Worse for Wear

"Today is my first born child Anna and last born child Alana's birthday today," June writes.

Anna Shannon is 26 years old. Alana Thompson is 15 years old.

"So," she invites her fans and followers, "go over to their pages and show them some birthday love."

June Shannon Instagram Live

"Love you guys," June expresses, seemingly to her fans who are listening.

She then sends her best wishes, saying: "have an awesome birthday Alana and Anna."

"And," the complicated mother concludes, "I love you."

June Shannon in a Mask

June has a complicated relationship with her children.

Anna is 26, Jessica is 23, Lauryn "Pumpkin" is 20, and Alana is 15.

June's spiraling bad behavior throughout last year made it hard or even impossible for them to trust her.

June Shannon is Sober

Now, June is working on herself.

A month ago, she showed off that she was six months sober -- flashing a "blinged out" six-month sobriety chip.

In addition, she is working on taking better care of her body, something that she let slide when she was binging drugs.

June Shannon in a Red One-Piece

One thing that may also be an uphill battle for her is fixing her finances.

Anyone can run into bad luck or make a simple mistake.

But apparently June and Geno blew through $150,000 in just six months on crack cocaine.

June Shannon Breaks Down

June is a famous woman and a reality star. But rich? She was only ever about as rich as, say, a dentist.

That changed as she sold off her home -- and all of its contents -- for quick cash to fuel her downward spiral with Geno.

They were living out of hotels, sometimes trashing them or getting kicked out for unpaid bills, for months. Even without the drugs, that adds up.

June Shannon New Teeth

No one blames her family for keeping their distance after so much heartbreak.

It is possible that time and good behavior will allow her family to slowly begin to trust her again.

At the same time, perhaps she will be able to safely return to reality TV and slowly restore her former fortune. June's net worth was once estimated to be $1 million.

June Shannon Does Yoga

But first, she will have some legal hurdles. June is currently awaiting trial.

In early 2019, she was arrested on possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

These criminal charges could potentially lead to jail time. We hope that this is not her fate.

June Shannon at the Dentist

Prison is not good for addicts, and no one deserves to be behind bars for what they put into their own bodies.

She has a lot of obstacles ahead of her, but this all would be much worse if she were not sober.

We are encouraged by June's positive attitude. And we, too, hope that her daughters had a good birthday.

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