Larissa Lima: I Will Spend Whatever it Takes to BECOME Kylie Jenner!

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90 Day Fiance fans saw Larissa Lima undergo a boob job, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Since then, she has racked up a number of cosmetic procedures ... and now, we have details. That includes where you can see her flaunt the results.

Larissa Lima - when I look at the blowup dolls (episode)

We've all seen Larissa speak openly about her cosmetic surgery aspirations.

Even when she was first engaged to Colt Johnson, Larissa expressed her desire to undergo breast augmentation surgery.

The end of that disastrous marriage did not change things.

Larissa Lima - when I look like her, i will stop the surgery

Larissa was upfront with Eric about her desire to look, well, a little "fake."

We all saw her surgical consultation.

On top of that, this week, we saw Larissa undergo surgery and awkwardly return home where Eric cared for her.

Eric Nichols waters Larissa Lima

TMZ has the details on Larissa's surgery -- and it seems that what we heard from her the first time around wasn't the whole story.

Early on, we had heard that she underwent something in the area of $20,000 or so of money.

Apparenly, the current total is in the area of $72,000 on cosmetic surgery.

Larissa Lima IG - Carmen Nys highlights TMZ coverage

Dr. Lane Smith, the Vegas plastic surgeon whom we all saw on screen, was behind the procedures.

Larissa has openly stated in the past that she takes inspiration from Kylie Jenner.

The makeup mogul totally transformed her body years ago ...

Kylie Jenner: The Cleavage

Yeah. Let's just say she didn't always look like that.

The celebrity gossip rumors surrounding Kylie's transformation are a discussion in, and of, themselves. That's a topic for another time, and not what we're focused on here, which is this:

Larissa is hell bent on walking in her footsteps.

Larissa Lima models her future bust

We all know that the legendary 90 Day Fiance cast member got a boob job, but what are the details?

According to TMZ, Larissa's silicone implants expanded her breasts from a modest 34A to a yuge 34DD.

If you think that sounds dramatic, then you're right. It's double the size of an average breast implant.

Larissa Lima in surgery

Larissa also underwent a nose job.

Now, though most of what we have seen on Season 5 was filmed in late 2019, these two surgeries were performed in February.

Larissa then returned for more in August ... as something of an early birthday present.

Larissa Lima prepped for surgery

This time, Larissa had liposuction done on her abdominal region and along her waistline.

Only about three pounds of fat were reemoved from her hips, and only a couple more from her waist.

Some of that fat ended up being transplanted to her butt. Larissa has long expressed her desire for a fat transfer, and received more than one pound in each cheek.

Larissa Lima - I'm excited to wear things that I always seen in photos

This second round of surgeries took seven hours.

Larissa additionally received botox, fillers, and laser facials -- these at the Center FOr Aesthetic Medicine.

Notably, viewers have not seen Larissa display these results on the show ... but there is a way for them to check out Larissa's new look.

Larissa Lima IG CamSoda stream ad 14 September 2020

In fact, tonight -- on Monday, August 14, 2020 -- Larissa has a CamSoda performance.

The one hour show will feature Larissa in sexy lingerie, a one-piece g-string bikini, and some alluring oil.

CamSoda is a cam site that has worked with reality stars before -- notably, with Farrah Abraham.

Larissa Lima and Farrah Abraham

Now, Larissa has emphasized that the work that she had done on her abdomen was not simply a weight loss hack.

Instead, she noted that her abdomen had been permanently damaged -- in part by childbirth -- and was in need of repair.

Clearly, she was feeling very self-conscious about her body and has felt this way for a long time.

Larissa Lima IG - abdominoplasty psa

We can't say that we feel the same way about Larissa's appearance.

As Eric said, she was already gorgeous before going under the knife.

But at the end of the day, it's her flesh prison, not ours. 

She gets to decorate it however she sees fit.

Kylie Jenner on the 'Gram

If that means trying to surgically enhance her way into a Kylie Jenner clone, and she can afford it, that's her right.

And while we may not agree with her conclusions, we will always defend her right to arrive at them on her own.

Congratulations to Larissa on her body!

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