Chelsea Houska: This Pregnancy is Tough, Y'all!

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Chelsea Houska has been here before.

Three times before, to be exact.

However, despite having given birth to a trio of children prior to getting pregnant with her fourth child, the veteran Teen Mom star has never been here before, precisely.

Chelsea Houska holds a Son

Which is to say:

She's never really suffered through a pregnancy like she is at the moment.

Chelsea being Chelsea, she's not hiding or understating the extent of her current suffering.

Chelsea Pic

"I thought I was a pro," Chelsea told E! News this week.

"I thought, ‘Ok, I've had a boy and two girls. I know what this will be like.'"

"But this one has definitely been different. I'm definitely more sick."

Chelsea Houska in PJs

"I have acne," Chelsea describes.

"I've never had that before during my pregnancy."

"This one is definitely throwing me for a loop."

Chelsea and Cole Together

Chelsea and her husband Cole announced one month ago that another child was on the way.

They subsequently confirmed that this child will be a girl.

Houska is also mother to 10-year-old Aubree, three-year-old Watson, and little Layne, who will be two years old later this month.

Chelsea's Baby Bump #4

She's on record as saying this second daughter will complete her immediate family.

"I always say that since this one is likely going to be our last one."

"They are going to give us all the symptoms so we're okay with being done," Chelsea joked in her interview with E!.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer as a Pair

Going through a pregnancy in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic isn't ideal, of course.

But Chelsea says it's nice to be home where you "don't have to fake like you're feeling so great and have all of this energy."

That's the positive spin she's trying to put on her situation.

Happy Houska

At the same time, though, there's obviously a certain amount of uncertainly at what's to come with the life amid a globall pandemic.

And this "is a little scary" for the mother-to-be.

Thankfully, there's always Cole.

The DeBoers at De Reunion

"Oh my gosh! He is always just above and beyond," Chelsea gushed to E!, praising her soulmate.

"He's so sweet and supportive and even if I'm not feeling the greatest or look the greatest, he's always telling me, ‘Oh you're so beautiful' and making sure to lift me up.

"He's so great."

Down Home De Boers

Chelsea shares Aubree with ex Adam Lind, and told a cute story to E! about telling the little girl she was gonna be big sister. Again.

"Before, we always tried to tell her in cute ways because she was younger and never knew what was going on and this time it was different," Chelsea explained.

"She's almost 11 so she knows what's going on."

Chelsea Houska With Son and Daughter

"She knew we wanted another baby and she went into my bathroom and said, ‘Mom! This pregnancy test says positive.' I was like, ‘Oh! Ok, well now you know I guess.'"

Overall, Chelsea remains grateful.

Perhaps this is why she's considered the most popular Teen Mom across all versions of the franchise.

Chelsea Houska in Glasses

"My family is so fun and funny," Chelsea said.

She then commanted: "I love being around them."

Some people are going a little nuts around their families in lockdown, so that's a good attitude to have.

Chelsea Houska Fashion

"I just enjoy having the family, living in the country and being able to go outside and have space," she shares.

Yep, that would help her to stay sane and happy.

"I'm definitely taking more moments to just really soak it in and be appreciative of family and everything we have."

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