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It’s not often that the Duggar siblings are compared to members of the Kardashian clan.

Sure, both families star in long-running reality shows, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

Jessa and Kylie

So it came as a surprise to see Counting On fans likening Jessa Duggar to Kylie Jenner this week.

No, Jessa hasn’t purchased a $36 million mansion or posed for the cover of Playboy.

But fans think she’s currently pregnant and planning to hide her bump for the entire term, just like Kylie did prior to giving birth to daughter Stormi.

Jessa Duggar and Her Henry

The speculation began with a recent video that was posted to Jessa’s YouTube channel, in which the mother of three helps redecorate a church’s nursery.

If that sounds like the least-edgy content, that’s because it is.

But the clip created a minor uproar among fans, many of whom believe Jessa is pregnant — and quite far along (as seen below).

Photo via Instagram

They believe Jessa accidentally gave the secret away when she caught herself in a mirror while filming the restoration job.

"That clearly looks like a baby bump," one fan wrote on the always-amusing r/duggarsnark subreddit.

"Maybe she’ll pull a Kylie Jenner and just post pics of a newborn in a few months," another added.

Photo via TLC

Now, any time fans begin speculating that a celeb is pregnant based on a single photo, the whole situation starts to feel very icky very quickly.

Jessa pregnancy rumors are nothing new, and usually they’re the result of a billowy shirt or a bad angle.

But this time, one commenter addressed the controversy and pointed out that there are reasons to believe Jessa is expecting that go well beyond her appearance.

Son Snuggling

"Underneath a Jessa flowy clothes picture, fellow snarkers were discussing how it’s unfair to assume if someone’s pregnant based on clothes alone," the person wrote, according to The Sun.

"Jessa’s had 3 spawns in 5 years. It’s impressive she looks the way she does," they continued.

"Normally, I’d brush it off as a botched angle, but given the other evidence (photoshoot with her 3 kids in themed brother bee/sister bee’ shirts), I’d say this supports the claim," the redditor went on.

Photo via Instagram

"Plus Ivy’s over a year old which works out."

The bee-themed shirt photo can be seen above.

We’re not sure why it led to speculation that Jessa is pregnant, but just about everything she does these days has that effect.

Jessa Duggar In Quarantining
Photo via Instagram

The funny thing is, Jessa and Ben have been talking about expansing their family in recent months.

But it sounds as though the Seewalds might be planning to adopt.

“We’re not sure if our next baby will be adopted or not, but that’s something that has weighed heavily on our hearts since before we were married,” Jessa said in a recent interview.

Jessa Seewald, Ben and Kids

She noted that she and Ben both want a "full house," but added that they’re currently "taking it one at a time and we’re thankful for each one" 

We’re not sure how full of a house Jessa is talking about here, but if she’s planning to compete with her own mom, she’s got her work cut out for her.

Meanwhile, we’re just over here waiting for a Jessa-Kylie spin-off series!