Jana Duggar: Was She Traumatized By a Past Courtship?

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If you're a Counting On fan, we probably don't need to tell you that Jana Duggar is single.

While the show will go for long stretches without ever making mention of that fact, it's never far from the minds of viewers.

Jana Duggar on Counting On (TLC)

On social media, fans have spent countless hours wondering why Jana remains unattached.

Most of these conversations are either meant to be complimentary, or they come from a place of genuine concern.

Fans can't imagine how a "catch" like Jana hasn't found the right man, and they're worried because they know how important motherhood is in her world.

Jana Duggar with Flowers

But oftentimes, all the speculation and hearsay serves to make Jana feel even more pressured to get married.

It's something she's complained about frequently, but it seems unlikely that it will ever stop.

Duggar fans are flat-out obsessed with Jana's singleness, and they're forever coming up with new theories in their ongoing effort to explain it.

Jana Marie Duggar on TLC

The latest comes to us from the more Duggar-obsessed corners of Reddit.

A surprising number of users there are convinced that Jana entered a courtship in 2015, when she was 25 years old.

It was around this time that news of the Josh Duggar sex scandals went public, and it briefly looked as though the wildly lucrative Duggar media empire would come to an end.

Josh Duggar and His Wife

Josh molested five young girls -- four of whom were his sisters -- and his parents helped him cover up the crime.

Yet, none of them suffered any real consequences.

Now, many fans are of the belief that it was Jana who paid the price for the revelation of Josh's predatory behavior.

Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar, and Kids in 2017

“Jana was going to announce a courtship when the scandals broke and it ended because of them. No other guy will ever measure up, so she’ll stay single forever,” one user wrote on Reddit.

“Jana was Promised To Betrothal while [Josh] was engaged to Anna, and it fell thru,” someone else wrote.

Josh got married back in 2008 when Jana was 18, but some fans believe her mystery man was informed of the scandal privately, before the news went public, and he decided not to go through with the courtship.

Jana Duggar is Single

But while there's disagreement on the timeline, the proponents of this theory share the belief that Josh's sex scandals were the cause of Jana's first and only breakup.

Some believe the trauma of being dumped was so severe that Jana never got over it.

Others think that Jana's parents have not been able to find her a suitor who measured up to her first one.

Jana Duggar on TLC's Counting On

Regardless of the details, these people share the belief that Josh's misconduct essentially ruined Jana's life.

They're right, of course, but not necessarily in the way that they think they are.

It's believed that Jana was not one of the four sisters whom victimized.

Jana Duggar Outside

But no doubt she was traumatized by the knowledge that her trusted older brother had gotten away with molesting her younger sisters.

And being forced to live with her sisters' abuser for years afterward could not have been easy.

We won't speculate as to the possible reasons why Jana might still be single -- but it's easy to see how Josh's actions might have left her with a lifelong mistrust of men.

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