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Lisa Rinna brought the receipts on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale on Wednesday night.

And Denise Richards brought the tears.

lisa/denise r

The third and final portion of the Season 10 reunion opened with Denise calling it "really f–king sh-tty" of Teddi Mellencamp-Arroyave to bring up Brandi Glanville’s claims the two had sex in front of everyone at a group dinner in Italy.

Lisa Rinna said it was actually Brandi who said it on camera initially, leading to the first — but not last! — showdown between the two ex-friends on the evening.

"Lisa, stop! Be quiet please. You need to be quiet," Richards screamed.

"Brandi was not at that dinner. Teddi was. She knows the consequences of what that does."

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Rinna and Richards, of course, have clashed all season long.

The former accused the latter of being a huge gigantic liar on part one of this reunion special.

In this case, Andy Cohen said it felt like Richards may have "mischaracterized" her relationship with Glanville, considering her claims that they weren’t remotely close, despite evidence to the contrary

… but Denise was adamant she did no so much.

"She is an acquaintance. She’s a train wreck, she’s not stable, she drinks a lot," Richards said of Brandi.

Lisa Rinna Goes Off

What about the very specific allegations made by Glanville?

What about the details regardiing Denise’s hotel room that only someone who had seen it would have known?

"She knocked on my door and I let her in while I grabbed my stuff to go out. She didn’t stay with me, Aaron was there the whole time," explained Denise. "I do not have an open marriage. If I had an open marriage, I would say it."

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This is where When Sutton Stracke chimed in, alleging she heard a similar rumor about Brandi and Denise having had an affaiir in 2018.

Richards said she didn’t even know Glanville then.

"Oh, yes you did!" yelled Rinna, as Richards denied it again.

From there, Cohen cited the numerous text messages Brandi showed the other women as proof she and Denise were tight.

"I believe my text thread between Brandi and I [is] very different," Richards claimed, to which Rinna pounced, revealing print-outs of these messages.

"I don’t like bullshit. Let’s go through it!" she shouted.

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Richards was pissed.

"You better be careful saying this, because yours will be shown, too," she fired back, as Lisa asked, "Are you threatening me?"

With Richards continuing to say she’d reveal Rinna’s own texts, the former soap opera actress replied:

"It’s not about me and those are private. Denise, it is about you and Brandi. Is she being muzzled? Did you send a cease and desist to Brandi to shut her up?"

After Kyle Richards said the ladies just wanted honesty all around, Cohen noted that Denise was sharing "her truth."

Added Denise, growing emotional:

"You guys aren’t accepting that, so where do I go from here? Sometimes you women don’t accept honesty and you think someone’s lying.

"That’s where it’s like, that’s what’s hurtful."

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Ah, yes, the cease and desist. What was up with that, Cohen asked, was Richards really suing Bravo?

"I sent a cease and desist to Brandi and we also sent something to Bravo to ask if they could remove the footage because she was not a cast member and it wasn’t true and that was the extent of it," Denise explained.

Richards was also pressed at one point on why her husband did not appear on the reunion (it would have been a "no-win situation," she said) — and then the rest of the episode centered on the deterioration of Lisa and Denise’s friendship.

At one point, Richards stormed off camera, saying she needed something to eat after Cohen asked them both to explain how the other has changed.

She then returned with papers in hand and said she had to work.

"If you’re so unhappy, why don’t you just go do Bold and the Beautiful and stop doing this show?" Rinna asked her.

"I’m not unhappy at all," Richards responded.

"I don’t like that a former friend is behaving this way and treating me like this, but I’m not unhappy. I’ve enjoyed this show, I’ve enjoyed getting to know all these women."

(Richards, of course, has since announced she is leaving the program.)

Rinna, who made it clear she didn’t like Glanville but felt as if Brandi had a right to share her side of the story, then really lashed out at Denise.

"I would have not had Denise come on the show if i were to do it over again … how about that?" she said of her former pal.

Rinna went on to say she and Denise diid not speak in the six months after shooting their last scene together.

what, denise

"I go back to when she was friends with Heather Locklear," she began, as Richards cut her off.

"I actually wasn’t, Lisa, and you know that. To bring that up, really?" said Denise, in shock. "She was friends with my ex-husband. Now you’re grasping at straws … really?"

Wait… Heather Locklear? WHAT, Cohen basically asked?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

"You know," Rinna told the host, "Google it. Just Google it."

Denise was beside herself in response, telling Lisa: "That is low."

(Editor’s Note: We Googled it, and:

Richards and Locklear were allegedly very good friends when the former was married to Charlie Sheen and latter was married to Richie Sambora.

After they both divorced their husbands, Richards began dating Sambora, insisting at the time that nothing happened between them while he was still married to Locklear.)

At conclusion of the intense hour, Richards shared her final thoughts on the reunion.

"I came here today to resolve things with the women and I feel like some of the women don’t want to do that and move forward and that was something that I really wanted to do," she said.

When asked if she felt like she wanted to be friends with the women, she added: "Some of them, yes."

While Rinna alleged there was nothing she would change about Season 10, she said she was "very sad" her friendship with Richards has apparently come to an end.

"It’s too bad that we are where we are," she added.

Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 Episode 20 Online
Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 Episode 20 Online

And that was it.

The reunion wrapped up all the women doing a virtual toast.

And Denise throwing back one last Casamigos Reposado.