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Brandi Glanville claimed to have the receipts on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

As previously reported, the reality star alleged to have text messages to prove what she’s been saying all season long:

That she and Denise Richards carried on a same-sex, hot and heavy extramarital affair.

Brandi Glanville at a Table

The latest installment of this franchise picked up after the cast members had returned home from their very volatile trip to Italy.

As Richards met up with Garcelle Beauvais, she told her friend how husband Aaron Phypers responded to Brandi’s bombshell the two supposedly engaged in a secret, sexual relationship.

"He just cannot believe how they are," Denise said.

"Some of the stuff Teddi said, obviously Aaron, he feels very bad that they did that.

"Aaron and I don’t have any secrets from each other and if I did come home and say, ‘Hey, I slept with Brandi,’ he would be like, ‘How come I wasn’t invited?’"

Richards added her trust in Lisa Rinna was at an all-time low, admitting: "I do know that I don’t really like Teddi."

Although she claimed she could easily move on from Brandi’s ongoing allegations, the actress didn’t believe the other women could do the same.

And guess what?

She was correct.

At Teddi’s surprise baby shower, the alleged affair was, of course, was the main topic of conversation.

Richards, however, didn’t show up for the evevent, claiming she was ill.

"I’m not so sad that I’m sick," she said in a confessional. "I don’t really want to show for her f–king shower anyway. It’s a blessing in disguise sometimes."

Glanville, meanwhile, barely knows Teddi — and yet there she was, front and center and very much present for the party.

As a quick refresher, Glanville has said she was under the impression Denise and Aaron had an arrangement where the former could have sex with other women.

After they allegedly hooked up, though, doing EVERYthing two people can do, she said Richards urged Brandi not to tell a soul.

This made Glanville, who had been cheated on in the past, feel like a home-wrecker.

Moreover, she has claimed that Denise said nasty things to her about both Erika Jayne and Teddi.

As Glanville brought up these same claims on Wednesday night, she said she felt awkward doing so in front of anyone not in the cast.

So Teddi’s friends just up and left the shower! HA!

"I knew for 100% fact that they had an open thing as long as it was just with girls," Brandi reiterated.

"So we were making out and then I bit her. I left marks. When you’re doing that, there’s marks.

"So the next day she said to me, ‘Aaron can never know this, he’ll kill me. This is from my corset.’ And I said, okay."

Denise Richads Turns Serious

In a confessional, she added:

"I hate cheaters, I was cheated on and I would never do it. This is about shutting me up to make sure I never let anyone know, especially women in our group, that this happened."

Yadda, yadda, yadda, yes:

Glanville has said all this before. HOWEVER…

"I can back it all f–king up," she claimed this week, prior to pulling up texts she said were between her and Denise.

She proceeded to pass her phone around the table.

While the messages themselves mostly seemed mostly harmless, one can’t deny the sheer number of them offered up at least some evidence of a strong past connection between Denise and Brandi.

Take this example:

And also this example:

"I’m not looking at what the text messages say," said Erika. "I’m scrolling through the amount of text messages. It went pages and pages and pages."

"Why would Denise even lie about having a friendship with Brandi," Lisa later wondered in a confessional, "unless you’re really hiding something you don’t want anyone to know about."

Dorit, for her part, was still uncertain.

"I f–king sucked on her f–king [censored]," Brandi then exclaimed, stunning the  table. "I have a close f–king relationship with her, okay bitch! Enough said!"

Glanville then labeled Richards a "master manipulator."

The shower concluded with Rinna telling Brandi she needed to have a sit-down with Denise to "f–king figure this out … because now we’re all involved."

The following day, Kyle Richards met up with Rinna and opened up about how she felt Brandi was "real convincing" with the texts.

"My heart sunk, to be honest with you," she said.

"I want to stick up for my friend, I want to be able to say, ‘You know what Brandi, I don’t believe you’ … and guess what, I can’t do that."

Lisa Rinna in a Kitchen

In her own confessional, Kyle said it was "none of our business" whether Denise and Brandi did actually hook up.

However, since Brandi brought it up on camera?

"Denise, unfortunately, she’s going to have to deal with this information now and we feel bad," Richards added.

And The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? It will just need to deal with all the attention this allegation has enabled it to garner for several weeks in a row now.