Claire Spivey: Fans Think Justin Duggar's Girlfriend Looks Just Like One of His Sisters!

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Your first serious romantic relationship is always a little awkward.

And if you're 17-year-old Justin Duggar, the whole situation is playing out on national TV, and you're not even allowed to be alone with your new girlfriend, well ... things are bound to get even more uncomfortable.

Justin Introduces Claire

Yes, as you may have heard, Justin is courting Claire Spivey, a 19-year-old from Amarillo, Texas, who likely become the newest member of the Duggar family sometime in the next year.

Duggar courtships usually only take a few months, but we're thinking the coronavirus might force Justin and Claire to delay their wedding.

And that's not the only thing that's unusual about Justin and Claire's relationship when compared to other Duggar courtships.

Justin Looks at Claire

For starters, they're younger than the usual fundie lovebirds.

Yes, Duggars marry young, but Justin's not even old enough to vote yet.

(In case you're wondering, he's an outspoken Trump supporter, but he won't reach the age of majority until a couple of weeks after Election Day.)

Claire Spivey with Justin Duggar

On top of that, the courtship seems to have played out under odd circumstances.

The Duggar and Spivey families have known each other for decades, but it seems that Justin and Claire only got to know each other online over the past year or so.

Then, it seems that Justin was sent to Amarillo in order to spend time with Claire and get to know her better.

Justin With Claire on Instagram

He recently posted some pics on his new Instagram page that shed some light on the couple's timeline.

"What a year this has been! God has done so much in my life, and the biggest blessing has been the gift of Claire," he captioned the pic collection.

"She is more precious than anything I could ever ask for, and I’m so excited about our future together!

Justin Duggar With Claire

As you can see, the two of them appear to have spent some time together during the winter, so this thing might have been going on for neatly a year.

Perhaps as a result of Justin's youth, the couple is moving more slowly.

There's a lot to wonder about here, but the most popular topic of conversation in Justin's comment section was not the relationship itself, but the fact that Claire bears a passing resemblance to Jana Duggar.

Claire Spivey with Justin Duggar

"She looks like a perfect combination of Jana and Jessa," one follower commented.

"Ikr?! For a moment there I thought he was posting about his sister and I got confused," another replied.

"I thought it was Jana!" a third chimed in.

Jana Counting On

One wrote simply, "Jana's twin!"

That's probably not the sort of thing that a teenage boy posting pics of his first girlfried wants to hear.

And frankly, we're not totally blown away by the resemblance.

Claire Spivey

Sure, the two women look a little bit alike, but we think all this Jana talk has more to do with the fact that fans were hoping Jana would be the next Duggar to enter a courtship.

"I keep waiting for Jana's announcement! Jana is so beautiful, sweet, kind giving and loving," one fan commented on a Justin's post.

"How has some wealthy, good looking doctor not swept her off her feet?"

Jana Duggar is Single

Well, that's a good question.

It could have something to do with the fact that her father is a known psychopath -- or not.

Either way, everyone should probably stop talking about Jana on Justin's posts about his girlfriend!

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