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We probably don’t need to tell you that Jana Duggar is 30 and single.

Among all the current controversies in the Duggar universe, this might be the one that’s the most widely discussed on social media.

Jana Duggar on Counting On (TLC)

There’s much debate over how this came to be and why Jana is still single, but there’s no denying that Jana is on the market.

Earlier this week, the Duggars teased a courtship announcement on an upcoming episode of Counting On, and many hoped that Jana would be the one who’s newly coupled-up.

But while the big reveal hasn’t yet been made, every piece of new information that emerges seems to indicate that Jana will not be the next Duggar to leave the nest.

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For starters, there’s a credible rumor 17-year-old Justin Duggar has entered a courtship.

The Duggars don’t seem to be in any hurry to discredit those reports, so it seems increasingly likely that the big announcement will be about Justin.

On top of that, Jana has given an in-depth People magazine interview about the challenges she faces being the eldest single Duggar.

Jana Duggar is Single
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Obviously, if Jana were just a week away from announcing her first courtship, then the timing of the piece would be more than a little strange.

In what might be her most candid interview to date, Jana opens up about what she’s looking for in a man — and reveals that from here on out, she won’t be as strict in her requirements.

"I used to be a little more strict," she tells the magazine.

Jana Duggar on TLC's Counting On
Photo via TLC

"I felt like, I just want to find someone that would either move to Arkansas, or is already from here, but I think as time has gone on, I’ve found I do love to travel more than I thought I did," Jana adds.

"So now, it’s more like, okay, if I really love the guy, I’ll follow him to the ends of the earth. I’ll want to go wherever he is. So far I just haven’t found that one."

If you’re attuned to the way in which the Duggars essentially speak in code, then you might pick up on some surprising dog whistles within Jana’s seemingly unremarkable comments.

Jana Duggar Counting On! Photo
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Thus far, only one Duggar woman has moved away from Arkansas for her marriage — and Jinger’s parents briefly disowned her for that decision.

They have since managed to partially bury the hatchet, but you can be sure that Jim Bob is displeased by the prospect of yet another of his daughters leaving the state.

And if Jana is willing to disregard her parents disapproval, is she ignoring the rest of the ridiculous Duggar courtship rules, as well?

Jana Duggar Confessional Pic
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We certainly hope so.

"Most of my siblings have gotten married really young," she tells People.

"Some people are like, ‘Are you picky?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t think so.’"

Jana Duggar Outside
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Jana goes on to reiterate that her future husband need not hail from the Razorback State:

"When he comes, he doesn’t have to stay in Arkansas," she says.

"It’s just that I’ve got to love you so much that I will go with you."

Jana Duggar Instagram Photo
Photo via Instagram

Some fans have gone so far as to suggest that she already has someone in mind.

Some are even taking this as a confirmation that Jana is courting Lawson Bates, who hails from Tennessee.

But we believe this is simply her way of reminding the world that she’s a grown woman, and her father’s rules are no longer her rules.

Jana Duggar Nice Dress
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Meanwhile, the Duggars are doing everything they can to make Jana’s life at home more comfortable.

This week’s episode finds the family teaming up to surprise her with her own greenhouse.

"Because Jana has done so many things for our family over the years, we thought it would be amazing to surprise her with a greenhouse," Jessa tells the camera.

Jana Duggar in a Skirt
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"Jana has really been such an encouragement to all of us in the family, investing in each of our lives and just always encouraging family gatherings and get-togethers," Michelle chimes in.

"I think it was just one of the ways that we felt like would be really special for her to show her how much we love and appreciate her was to build a greenhouse for her."

"As she’s gotten older, she’s taken a big interest in gardening," Jana’s twin, John David, explains.

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"She has one of those picturesque magazine kind of gardens that she keeps us all fed with fresh fruits and vegetables."

We get it — you guys really appreciate Jana.

But no amount of greenhouses can experience the rush of excitement she’ll feel when she finally leaves the nest!