Larissa Lima Placed in Removal Proceedings, May Be Deported

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Over the weekend, 90 Day Fiance starĀ Larissa Lima was detained and released by ICE just before her move to Colorado.

Rumors claimed that she had somehow "faked" this. But the grim reality is that she is at real risk of deportation.

Larissa Lima is FREE

As we reported earlier this week, Larissa Lima's harrowing run-in with ICE on Saturday, September 19 was all too real -- despite rumors to the contrary.

TMZ was able to confirm that Larissa has been "placed in removal proceedings" under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

She has an upcoming hearing that will determine if she must surrender herself for deportation. That is a scary situation for her.

Larissa Lima Poses After Surgeries

However, despite her understandable anxieties over everything, some have been claiming -- without proof -- that Larissa "faked" her run-in with ICE on Saturday.

Some say that she must have done it to make headlines, to get attention or even sympathy.

Well, that accusation defies belief for many reasons, and now Larissa herself is taking to Instagram and speaking up about the toxic and vicious way that some "fans" talk to her.

Larissa Lima in September 2020

"People are taking advantage of my situation," Larissa laments, "posting false information and making speculations."

"Since day one," she correctly observes, "my name has been on the blast."

"Daily, I receive threats of all kinds, even rape and death," Larissa shares grimly, "written in words that would make any sane person go insane."

Larissa Lima, Eric Nichols, and a U-Haul

"It appears to have become an obsession and even an occupation for some people," Larissa states, "to constantly post about me in the most degrading and abusive ways."

She adds: "What was just a site for fans of the show to vent, has turned abusive."

"Yes, I could fight them," Larissa acknowledges, "get a restraining order if they are residing in the same state as me, if not it becomes a matter of FBI."

Larissa Lima Glittering in Glam

"I know a handful of people that have overcome the obstacles that I am going through," Larissa notes. "That gives me strength."

She adds: "It is also true that I have endless support and love from my family, my friends, and so many fans."

"It is this support that keeps me moving forward," Larissa expresses.

Larissa Lima IG - statement on misinformation 01 of 02

"I want to explain everything that has happened in the recent, and in my past," Larissa writes.

"But," she admits, "I'm struggling to come up with the right words to type that give my feelings justice."

"It is my desire to empower all women," Larissa declares, "and stop the discrimination and stigma of those that work with agencies such as Onlyfans and camsoda."

Larissa Lima Flexes Her New Body

"These platforms have helped millions of people going through the pandemic shutdown," Larissa correctly points out.

"With my YouTube," she adds, "I will be able to tell my story and shed light for the immigration process I am experiencing."

"I've been gagged many times after telling my followers I am going to talk," Larissa concludes. "Well, soon I'm removing that gag around me permanently."

Larissa Lima IG - statement on misinformation 02 of 02

We here at THG often find that 90 Day Fiance and its stars live rent-free in our minds.

But blogger John Yates goes above and beyond that, and has had his ear to the ground in this fandom since I was still having to double check how to spell Anfisa's last name.

He posted a well-reasoned and thoroughly informed rebuttal of the bizarre rumors that Larissa must have "faked" this whole ordeal

Larissa Lima Makes a "Yikes" Expression

First and foremost, he correctly notes that Larissa does not need any more publicity.

She is already one of the most polarizing, most topical members of the 90 Day Fiance cast -- not just of Happily Ever After? this season, but in the show's history.

Larissa just debuted her new boobs and is one of the Top 5 earners in CamSoda's history after just one hour and zero nudity.

Larissa Lima - it's very important to me to stay in America

Two, John refers to a "miscommunication." We might call it "splitting hairs."

A lot of people use colloquial language to refer to events. For example, people use "prison" and "jail" interchangeably, though these words have distinct meanings.

None of us can fault Carmen for perhaps being less clear than she might have been, but a later clarification using the word "detained" might have laid these ugly rumors to rest.

Larissa Lima - f--k my life

The forgery accusations are laughable. Even if TMZ had not also shared the news, Larissa would be committing a straight-up crime. It would be a foolish move.

Finally, he notes that while arrests make headlines, news of them can do more harm than good to a reality star's career. It's not 2008 anymore; there is such a thing as bad publicity.

We have included John Yates' post in full, as shared by Larissa in her Stories, because it is a well-reasoned take from someone whom we consider to be an authority on 90 Day Fiance.

John Yates defends Larissa Lima IG

No one is demanding that everyone love Larissa. Sometimes her behavior or priorities may seem downright baffling, and that's fine.

But death threats and rape threats are despicable -- and they are crimes.

And the people who are so determined to disbelieve Larissa that they latch onto conspiracy theories may want to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

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