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Briana DeJesus has a new man in her life.

And, according to an exclusive report, he has at least one thing in common with one of her old men.

Briana DeJesus Gets Her Results

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup has confirmed that the Teen Mom 2 star is dating yet another Javi, years after she briefly made love for a bit with Javi Marroquin, the ex-husband of co-star Kailyn Lowry and the father of her second son.

This time, however, the boyfriend’s name is Javier Gonzalez.

Over this past weekend, DeJesus teased fans via a few photos of Gonzalez — with his face partially concealed — along wiith snapshots of numerous gifts he had presumably given her, including roses and a Prada purse.“

Ugh so in love,” she captioned one of these pictures, making the relationship sound pretty darn serious.

"While I wasn’t ready to tell the world this yet, someone leaked my personal life and what’s going on with it," Briana told Celeb Magazine after this bombshell dropped online.

She added last night:

“I always strive to be straight up with my fans, so I want to let them know that it is true: I am dating Javi.”

DeJesus then referred to the rumor that she’s been hooking up with another of Kailyn’s baby daddies, Chris Lopez.

"Sorry to disappoint Chris Lopez’s Dad and Kail, but it’s not Chris Lopez either lol," she continued in this new interview.

“My new man’s name happens to be Javi (Gonzalez) and he is a tattoo artist in Florida…

"Since it’s new and we’re just starting, we’re obviously still getting to know each other — but things are off to a great start and we’re very, very happy together thus far."

Hey, that’s wonderful! We’re so glad to hear it.

Briana DeJesus Smiles

Gonzalez has two children and resides in Orlando.

He also has a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Earlier this week, DeJesus posted about her mystery man on Twitter.

“Never in my entire life have I met someone with the same love language as me until recently and that s**t gives me chills just thinking about it,” she wrote at the time.

Briana, whose relationship with ex Luis Hernandez has been the focus of recent Teen Mom 2 episodes, went on to say that Gonzalez may one day appear on the MTV program.

"We’ll just have to wait and see," she says.

"I’m always open with my fans — and this season should be proving that more than ever — so if we continue to progress and he wants to be on the show since he’s in my life of course I’d welcome him to film with me."

Briana DeJesus in 2020

No, Gonzalez has not yet met Briana’s sister, mother or either of her daughters.

But the polarizing reality star concluded this interview by emphasizing that she’s happy and saying:

"I promise I’ll keep my fans aware of things as they continue to develop and to those of you who have rooted for me since day 1, I appreciate you so much and I see all the love you give me online.

"And for the haters who will criticize me even if I was to establish world peace?

"Well, I guess I just gave you something new to talk about.”