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Wait a minute, folks.

Wait just one mighty minute, you guys.

As it turns out, despite many reports to the contrary, it may not actually be over between Max Ehrich and Demi Lovato after all.

Max Ehrich and Demi Lovato: A Photo
Photo via Instagram

The celebrity gossip world was taken aback last night when numerous outlets confirmed that Lovato and Ehrich had ended their engagement.

The actress and the actor had just agreed to marry on July 22 and had spent both that day and the several weeks that followed positively gushing over each other on social media.

"I knew that I loved you the moment I met you," Lovato wrote, for example, upon accepting Max’s proposal.

So… where did it all go wrong for the famous couple?

Max Ehrich Kisses Demi
Photo via Instagram

Concerns over Ehrich’s motivations first surfaced earlier this month when folks found former Tweets in which he expressed awkward affection for Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus.

Friends then grew worried that Max was only using Lovato for fame and fortune, to essentially raise his profile in Hollywood.

We cannot fully confirm those reports, but Ehrich himself has confirmed that Lovato didn’t handle their break-up very well.


Photo via Instagram

Over the weekend, Ehrich said via Instagram that Lovato didn’t dump him in person… or even on the phone.

He says he learned about their split over the Internet.

"I was on the set of my new movie, Southern Gospel, with crew and cast members right next to me who literally watched me open my phone where I then opened a tabloid," the 29-year-old actor wrote online about this topic, adding:

"This is the God’s honest truth of how I found out about the ending of the engagement."

Photo via Instagram

Insiders told People Magazine, however, that "Demi made Max aware that the relationship was over and it was going to come out in the press," which isn’t exactly the best defense of the artist.

It certainly doesn’t sound as if she sat her fiance down and had a long talk with him about pulling the plug on their relationship.

Now, though, Ehrich is saying something sort of different.

He’s saying the relationship isn’t even officially over!

Photo via Instagram

"Up to this moment we haven’t spoken over the phone … we haven’t even officially ended anything to each other," Ehrich wrote in a rambling post, which he later deleted, on Sunday evening.

He then made a plea to Lovato:

"If you’re reading this … I love you always…. unconditionally… no matter what…. I’m here in real time with y’all. I love Demetria and just want her to be healthy and safe.

Ehrich even lobbied for the singer to get the Grammy she deserves, in his opinion, adding "Demetria is THEE best female vocalist alive. And everyone should know it."

How sweet? We guess?

Lovato reportedly views this behavior as scary and unfortunate, sources have reported, while Life & Style writes that Ehrich is simply devastated by the development.

“He’s very sad," someone close to the situation tells the tabloid, adding:

"It’s been hard for him to keep it together and talk about it. He is currently working and living on the set of his new movie in Atlanta and has been there for a few weeks.

"He’s not sure what he is going to do when he comes back [to Los Angeles]."