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Anna Duggar is not a very confrontational person, and she tends to avoid drama whenever possible.

We think she’s made that abundantly clear by not divorcing Josh Duggar despite his many, many indiscretions.

Josh, Anna, and Family
Photo via Instagram

But everyone has their breaking point, and it seems Anna reached hers earlier this week.

And she dealt with the situation in classic Duggar fashion.

Anna has been known to clap back at the haters who find their way to her Instagram page, but we’ve never seen her engage with anyone quite like this before.

Photo via TLC

“As much as I dislike this family, these are really nice pictures of the kids,” one follower commented on a photo of Anna’s family.

“I’m sorry you dislike us. Hope you know we love you, and most importantly, God loves you more than you could ever imagine!” the mother of six replied, according to In Touch.

Now, that’s not exactly a savage retort, but it’s more courageous than the usual Duggar response of just ignoring the haters and hoping they’ll go away.

Josh Duggar and His Wife

Not that anyone is obligated to respond to every trash-talker who comments on their posts, but it’s nice to be reminded that Anna has more spine than, say, Jim Bob or Michelle.

Speaking of Josh’s parents, the same comment thread found Anna throwing some deliciously subtle shade at her in-laws, and their preferred form of parenting.

“Are they buddying their siblings? Mackynzie looks like a great big sis,” one commenter wrote on the pic.

Josh Duggar at Church

The comment refers to Jim Bob and Michelle’s "buddy system," in which they put older siblings in charge of younger ones so as to ease the burden of raising 19 kids.

It’s been rumored that Anna is planning to have a seventh kid — but it seems that even if she winds up spawning double digit offspring, she will not be adopting her in-laws’ system,

“We do not have a buddy system. I’m mom, and as much as possible, I want our children to be free to enjoy their childhood,” she wrote in response to the comment.

Josh Duggar: Back on the 'Gram
Photo via Instagram

Again, it’s not like Anna is delivering mic-drop burns here — but that’s never been her style.

She’s making her opinion known in extremely subtle fashion, which is probably exactly how she deals with conflicts with Josh.

But if you’ve been watching her responses to social media followers for years — as we have — you know this is unlike her.

Gender Question
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It seems Anna is growing increasingly fed up these days, and frankly, we don’t blame her.

She suffered a major humiliation last week, when TLC inadvertently confirmed that she and Josh live in a windowless warehouse on his parents’ property. 

Probably not how Anna imagined herself raising six little ones.

Josh Kisses Anna
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You’d think she’d ease off on the criticisms of Jim Bob and Michelle, considering she’s currently living a literal stone’s throw from the Duggar big house.

But she’s clearly sick of living in her in-laws’ shadow, and this might be her way of putting a stop to the comparisons.

Anna’s message may be subtle, but we’re guessing it was received.