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Anna Duggar is reportedly ready to call it quits with her husband, disgraced Counting On star Josh Duggar, and officially file for divorce.

The last straw for her, apparently, was a lawsuit filed against him.

Anna, Josh Duggar Photo

According to reports, Anna Duggar will divorce Josh and ditch her extended family for a new life with her four kids in a different state.

That being said, "Anna hasn’t told Josh she wants a divorce."

You could call that a slight impediment to getting a divorce.

"A friend of hers put her in touch with a lawyer and Anna has spoken to the lawyer on the phone," however, according to a family insider."

"She’s been putting off meeting them for some time because she was terrified of being spotted at their office, but she is now finally ready."

Anna plans to meet the attorney "in the next week or so."

Anna, Josh Duggar Picture

The long-suffering wife learned that a lawsuit filed against her husband in L.A. could result in her husband and his family being deposed.

That, according to insiders, is when she hit rock bottom.

"Anna is sickened by the lawsuit, it is a major reason she is divorcing Josh," said a source of the case brought against him by Matthew McCarthy.

A popular DJ who lives in Los Angeles, McCarthy alleged that he was subject to ridicule after Josh used a photo of him on OK Cupid.

His lawyers want to depose Josh Duggar, and could also try to talk to other people connected to his infamous incidents of sexual assault.

"Jim Bob and Michelle are worried that McCarthy’s lawyers will also depose members of their family," the Duggar insider reveals.

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"Which means they will all be forced to talk about Josh’s inappropriate sexual behavior, as well as the family’s cover-up of what he did."

That would be less than stellar for all involved.

"Anna does not want to be there when the family’s filthiest secrets are unearthed," says the insider, as she wants to protect her children.

The couple, both 28, have two daughters, Mackynzie and Meredith, and two sons, Michael and Marcus, all of whom are under the age of eight.

It has now been almost two years since it was revealed that Josh had been molesting five minors as a teen including four of his sisters.

That same summer, it was also revealed he had an account on the cheating website Ashley Madison, and on OK Cupid as well.

Josh and Anna Duggar Anniversary Photo

(Josh was accused of paying a woman, Danica Dillon, for sex and mistreating her, but he denied ever meeting the exotic dancer.)

Says the insider close to the famous family:

"Josh and his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, are terrified of what this lawsuit will do to the Duggars’ already tarnished reputation."

He went to faith-based rehab from September 2015-April 2016, and since his return to Arkansas, he’s managed to avoid any major scandals.

Relations remain frosty at home, though.

"Anna and Josh share the same bed, but she never has sex with him anymore. She just does not want to," says the source, candidly. 

Who can blame her for not wanting to let him flop around on top of her, as "she feels Josh put her through hell with disgusting behavior."

Will she actually leave him, however much he might deserve such a fate? To be honest, we would not be holding our collective breath.

The Duggars, no doubt, would put up a fight every step of the way and try everything – including full-on bribery – to keep her in the fold.

And that’s not the only factor involved.

From what we know of Anna’s background (see Susanna Keller), she might well be ostracized from both families if she attempts this.

All we can do for now is stay tuned.