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Anna Duggar is 32 years old.

She has six kids and one cheating husband… and yet she just made it pretty clear that she wants to expand her immediate family.

Anna Duggar Reads

For whatever reason — probably because she’s a member of the Duggar family and this is what members of the Duggar family do — a social media follower asked Anna last week about her womb.

“Rumor says you’re going to have baby #7,” this person wrote, to which Anna replied:

“As of now, we are enjoying our 6 kids God has given us!

"Nursing gives me a nice break between babies so it will probably be a little while before that’s a possibility."

It is true that Anna welcomed daughter Maryella nine months ago and most women wouldn’t even entertain having another child this quickly.

However, she also gave birth to son Mason in 2017.

And to daughter Meredith in 2015.

And to son Marcus in 2013.

You get the point and see the pattern, right?

Josh, Anna, and Family

Anna gives birth every other year, for the most part, which would line her up to get pregnant later this year or early in 2021.

We’ll see if this happens, of course. 

And we’ll send our heartfelt congratulations to Anna if/when she does announce she’s expecting again.

But we also must note how continually disappointed we are that Anna is still married to a child molester who has confessed to cheating on her many times and how we really wish Josh Duggar would stop procreating.

Anna Duggar on Quasi Christmas

In related news, Anna appeared to take a surprisingly strong swipe at her in-laws in a recent Instagram comment.

"This photo definitely belongs in the expectation vs. reality file … but we had fun trying to take a family pic at church today,” the ex-Counting On star captioned a recent snapshot with her husband of her sextet of kids on September 7, adding:

“Hope y’all have had a wonderful Sunday!"

In response to the family photo one fan asked:

“Are they buddying their siblings? Mackynzie looks like a great big sis."

This is a reference to how Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have  used a buddy system within their immediate family… considering said immediately family eventually consisted of NINETEEN children and the siblings needed to be responsible for each other.

Firing back at the inquiry, though, Anna didn’t sound like a fan of this parenting strategy.

"We do not have a buddy system," wrote Anna, as you can see above.

"I’m mom, and as much as possible, I want our children to be free to enjoy their childhood!”

It certainly seems like Anna is implying here that the Duggars did not enjoy much freedom when they were kids. Or even young adults.

This can’t exactly be a controversial statement, can it? Jim Bob controls his offspring better than Greg Maddux used to control his fastball when painting the outside corner of home plate.

According to Michelle Duggar, the buddy system came about from a need to be everywhere at once, which was impossible to fulfill with such an enormous brood.

"We realized it works much better if we’re trying to hurry to have one of the older ones help the little guys buckle their seatbelts,” Michelle one said on air.

"I have noticed the ones that were teamed up and worked together a lot have such a sweetness in their relationship.”

When the Duggars kids weren’t out and about, they took note of their color-coded chore charts… and their buddy units were then responsible for getting done whatever the chart told them was in store.

“All pink are Jan[a] and her team. All blue are Jill and her team,” Michelle once explained to

“There is a schedule from morning until bedtime so that they know what to expect — what their goals are, what they are aiming for, what they try to get done.”

Does this sound extreme? Probably.

Anna Duggar and Her Whole Family

We can’t blame Anna for scoffing at such a system.

But if/when she gives birth to baby number-seven? And then the inevitable baby number-eight?

She, sadly, may eventually realize that her mother-in-law was really on to something.