Tori Roloff Gets Roasted by Critics for the Dumbest Reason Ever

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Congratulations, trolls of the Internet.

You've done it.

You've gone ahead and found the single most asinine reason to drag somebody over the Internet.

Tori Roloff and Caryn

Earlier this week, Matt Roloff shared a video of daughter-in-law Tori Roloff hanging out with girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

The two are standing with anoter woman and waving at the camera and seemingly having some fun together... and that's it. Nothing more.

And, based on these very few seconds of footage alone, a bunch of critics have jumped down Tori's throat for daring to spend time with Caryn instead of her own mother-in-law, Amy Roloff.

Just in this one instance, that is. Just for this one afternoon.

Tori, Zach and Lilah

"My heart goes to Amy. I guess we all can be replaced,” one idiotic user wrote regarding Matt’s ex-wofe, while another added:

“Tori favors Caryn. When she talks to Amy, you can see the dislike.”

A third then chimed in with the following ridiculousness:

“Caryn takes over, and Tori dumps Amy.”

Fun with Lilah

There is, of course, no evidence whatsoever to back up these very personal allegations.

By all accounts, Tori remains close to her in-laws.

Amy often shares pictures of herself with Zach and Tori and/or their two adorable children, Jackson and Lilah.

She and Matt have been divorced since 2015 and both have clearly moved way on from one anoter -- heck, Amy is even engaged to Chris Marek!

Tori and Zach Rolof Together

For some sad reason, though, there's a contingent of social users out there who refuse to separate Amy from Matt and vice versa.

The fact that Matt's girlfriend gets along with Matt's four kids ought to be celebrated.

Yes, there's been some tension here and there between the Little People, Big World matriarch and patriarch over the years... but they've mostly remained quite amicable ever since they split.

It would be nice if fans followed suit, you know?

Tori and Children

“Amy and I stuck it out for years and years when maybe we shouldn’t have. I never quite felt at home in my own home so something needed to change,” Matt once said during an episode of the family’s hit TLC seris, adding:

“We needed to try something different.”

Amy agreed with Matt, saying at the time that for “many, many years,” the two “failed” to “learn how to live together.”

Granted, she has also accused Matt of cheating on her with Chandler.

Happy 4th

This, most likely, is where the disdain for Caryn comes from and is why some folks continue to leave pointed remarks about her whenever possible.

But it's very unfair to Tori. And to Amy.

Let's give them some credit, shall we?

Let's celebrate the way everyone involved has handled this long-ago break-up and the subsequent awkward situation, okay?

Let's not throw stones. Let's not cast judgment ... unless we'rre judging Audrey Roloff. She sometimes deserves it.

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