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Even though Big Ed Brown humiliated and lied to Rosemarie Vega on 90 Day Fiance, she’s learned to laugh about it.

That’s not the only thing that has changed with time. Does Rose have a brand new face?

Photo via TLC

Rosemarie Vega has always been a beautiful young woman.

Though sometimes her living conditions and suddenly being thrust onto reality TV did not show her in the best light, it’s true.

It’s what attracted a huge creep who is twice her age to her in the first place.

Big Ed Brown And Rosemarie

Well, that and her poverty. 90 Day Fiance fans agree that Big Ed is a creep.

But now, Rose’s social media activity has been independent of Ed.

Her most recent photos have made some followers wonder if she’s had some work done.

Rosemarie Vega Looks Great
Photo via Instagram

The Blast spoke Dr. Frank Agullo, also known as Dr. Worldwide, 

"She may have used fillers to soften her jawline and to smooth her undereyes," he speculates.

He adds: "She most likely used Botox to soften her expression lines and decrease the width of her masseter muscles."

Rosemarie Vega New Profile Pic
Photo via Instagram

"Tempting to say she may have had a rhinoplasty to narrow the tip," Frank Agullo speculates.

Sure, that’s possible, we suppose, but that is probably a stretch.

Dr. Pam Agullo points out: "Rosemarie certainly looks more mature."

Rosemarie Vega at the Tell All
Photo via TLC

"And I think most of the change comes from makeup and fuller brows," she suggests reasonably.

Dr. Pam Agullo then suggests: "possibly from microblading."

While makeup is the simplest explanation, microblading — essentially tattooing pigment to intensify the eyebrows, is always possible.

Rosemarie Vega Takes a Breath
Photo via Instagram

Big Ed and Rose first "met" on Facebook, of all places.

The two hit it off despite a massive age difference.

Ed is a photographer. Rose comes from extreme poverty.

Rosemarie Vega is a Vlogger
Photo via YouTube

Fans got to see that extreme poverty firsthand when 90 Day Fiance went to visit her family.

Her parents live in a house that lacks the trappings that most of us associate with a complete, livable home.

Big Ed drew a lot of attention by dipping his toes into their day-to-day lives, including participating in their version of a "shower."

Rosemarie Vega on Instagram

But before that happened, Big Ed had already gone on the offensive against Rose.

He had interrogated her about her sexual history, demanded that she take an STI test without offering to take one himself.

Then, Ed ridiculed her body hair and negged her about her breath, falsely accusing her of poor dental hygiene.

Rosemarie Vega Listens Unhappily
Photo via TLC

Worst of all, Ed lied to her the entire time.

He knew that she had a son, Prince, and that she wanted to have two more children — his children.

Ed knew that he wanted a vasectomy, not more children, but he lied to her for months so that he could sleep with her and become famous.

Rosemarie Vega Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Rosemarie was furious that he used her for fame, lying to her and humiliating her as he did.

She said as much, on social media and then at the Tell All special.

Meanwhile, Ed did that thing where he says "sorry, I’m dumb! LOL" as if that absolves him of his behavior or responsibilities.

Rosemarie Vega IG Live Still

We’re glad that Rose seems to be doing well.

We have no idea if she has had work done on her face or just just using different makeup practices and lighting.

It’s not our business, but we wish Rosemarie the best!