Chelsea Houska: I'll Have as Many Babies as I Want, Thanks!

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Have you heard the good news?!

Chelsea Houska is pregnant!!!

Chelsea's Baby Bump #4

She and husband Cole DeBoer made the big announcement last week that they're expecting a brand new family member sometime early next year.

The new baby will be Chelsea's fourth child -- she already has Aubree, who turns 11 next month!

Aubree was the kid she had with Adam Lind, and she and Cole conceived Watson, who is three years old, and little Layne, who celebrates her second birthday in just a couple of weeks.

And because she's such a gem, she didn't even make fans wait for the gender reveal!

Chelsea Houska Gender Reveal

Just a couple of days after making the pregnancy announcement, she and Cole let everyone know that they're having another girl!

It's all so sweet, and since Chelsea has always been a Teen Mom favorite, surely she's been getting such a positive reaction to all of this, right?

You'd think so, but you'd be wrong!

Of course plenty of people, even the majority we'd say, have congratulated her on the pregnancy.

Chelsea Pic

But believe it or not, others have been pretty darn critical.

And some have even been downright nasty.

After sharing the big news, one person commented with "Omg ya just popping babies left to right just for TV."

Another person told her "Take care of the ones you have quit having so many damn kids you can't afford."

Chelsea Houska Family Photo

These kinds of comments are obviously uncalled for, and they don't even make sense.

One could argue that she's having multiple children because she likes being a mother, and there's really no evidence that she's not taking care of the children she already has or that she can't afford them.

It must be hard to hear that kind of negativity, but one particular comment stood out as being just especially disgusting.

"Omg," the comment read. "Another baby keep your legs closed damn."

Happy Houska

Terrible, right?

"Keep your legs closed" is a gross comment in general, but imagine saying it to a married woman who just announced she and her husband are expecting a child.

It's just bizarre.

Most people agreed -- if you check out the comments over on Instagram, you'll see tons of people calling that person out on having the audacity to say something like that.

Chelsea Houska and Family Photo

Chelsea herself even had some words to say as well!

"These [legs emoji] stay open for my husband," she replied.

And there you have it.

The original comment has been deleted, which is good, but thanks to screenshots, Chelsea's sass will live on forever.

Beautiful, isn't it?

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