Meri Brown Instagram Photo Prompts Fans to Wonder: Is She Moving Away?!?

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Over the past few months, Meri Brown has shared numerous messages that have caused many followers to wonder what the heck is going in her life.

Now, however?

The long-time Sister Wives cast member has shared a photo that has followers asking this very same question.

Meri Brown with Boxes

We've uploaded the picture immediately above.

It appears harmless on the surface, right?

Meri is just standing in her Flagstaff, Arizona home, a smile on her face, seemingly not much going on.

But take a look at the background. Take a look at what's on the floor.

Meri Brown: Does She Care?

Can you see the issue now?

Can you see the boxes and can you understand why a number of TLC viewers suddenly think that Meri has made a monumental decision?

Specifically... is she packing up and preparing to move and finally walking away -- truly, absolutely, once and for all -- from Kody and her failed marriage?

Meri in Black and White

Many followers really believed so after seeing the snapshot, but evidently these same followers failed to read Meri's affiliated caption.

As it turns out, Meri actually just came back home after a beautiful road trip and

"Getting home from 4 days away, and seeing all the boxes for you! Gonna be a full day!!" wrote Brown alongside this same picture.

Sorry to disappoint, folks. We know many people out there think Meri needs to get the heck out of her painful relationship as quickly as possible.

Meri Brown in LuLaRoe Dress

"For a minute, I thought you were moving," wrote one person in response to the picture, while another simply added "new home."

Meri apparently took notice of these replies and found them hilarious, as you can see here:

meri move?

This speculation came just a few days after Kody's first wife revealed she was off on a trip to clear her mind from the demise of her 30-year-relationship.

Before taking off, Meri uploaded a meme that stated she was taking her power back.

From the Sister Wives patriarch? She never says for certain. She never calls her spiritual husband out by name.

Anyone who has followed this reality show for any period of time, though, is well aware of what's taking place. They know she's always calling Kody out with these ongoing quotes and posts.

Meri Brown and Eyebrows

Seriously, you know?

To whom else would Meri be referring when she talks about love and regret and self-ownership of her life?

She and Kody got married in 1990 and then divorced in 2014 because Kody needed to marry Robyn in order to legally adopt her kids from a previous marriage.

(Click HERE to read more about Robyn's first husband.)

Meri Brown for LuLaRoe

Following the couple's divorce, Meri was involved in a catfish scandal where she fell in love with another man... who ended up being a woman. Awkward, right?!?

Most recently, Meri said during the latest season of Sister Wives that their romance had been “pretty rocky for a while.”

Kody -- who is also married to Janelle and Christine, of course -- confessed this spring to a therapist that he “regretted” their relationship -- and he hasn't walked back those words once.

What a lovely guy.

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