Robyn Brown: What Happened to Her Ex-Husband?!?

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Fact #1 about Robyn Brown: She is Kody Brown's only legal wife.

Fact #2 about Robyn Brown: Kody Brown is not Robyn's first legal husband.

Nearly all Sister Wives fans are aware of the first statement above, but not every TLC viewer out there knows that Robyn was married prior to exchanging vows with Kody in 2014.

Robyn Brown on TLC

It's true, though:

Robyn is a mother of five children, three of whom are from her first marriage to David Jessop.

She gave birth to her youngest in January of 2000, a son named David, when she was 20; and the former couple went on to have a pair f daughters, Aurora in 2002 and Breanna in 2005.

They got hitched in June 1999 and divorced in 2007, long before Robyn met Kody.

Robyn Brown with Flowers

Kody, for his part, had been married to Meri Brown since 1990 upon starting up a romance with Robyn, but then divorced her over two decades later so he could take Robyn for his official better half and legally adopt her aforementioned children.

As for why Robyn pulled the plug on her relationship with Jessop?

The veteran reality star touched on this subject back in 2011.

"Just to clarify, I do not tolerate my kids getting bullied. I ended my first marriage because of abuse. My kids come first ALWAYS," she Tweeted way back in the day.

David Jessop

According to various outlets, Jessop no longer has any contact with his children or ex-wife.

Moreover, based on court papers obtained from Hamilton City Court in Montana, he was arrested on January 12, 2018 for partner or family member assault, causing bodily injury.

Jessop pleaded not guilty and the charge was downgraded to disorderly conduct on August 31, 2018, and he was ordered to pay a number of fines.

Robyn Brown in 2020

To be clear, meanwhile, Jessop is not a part of his kids' lives by his own volition.

To hear Robyn tell it, that is.

“He doesn’t [see the kids] out of choice,” Robyn once Tweeted. “I am not making them choose. I can’t control whether my ex chooses to take his time with them."

“Those 3 amazing kids have not seen their bio father for nearly 2 years,” Meri Brown once added. “Kody is their dad for all intents and purposes.”

Robyn Brown on an Episode

Janelle has also chimed in on this topic as follows:

“Kody has been a father in every respect to Dayton, Aurora and Breanna. They even call themselves Brown informally."

Robyn is probably the most private of all Sister Wives, rarely talking about her current marriage... let alone her past one.

With her follow spouses posting on social media quite often, many users have been wondering just what the heck Robyn is up to these days.

Robyn is Sad

We don't have the answer.

It does sound as if she dodged a potentially dangerous bullet with Jessop, however.

Because you can say what you want about Kody, as we often have, but never has he ever been accused of assault and never would we think he would be capable of that kind of violence.

That's something at least.

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