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It’s been a tough few years for Meri and Kody Brown, huh?

You know, what with the divorce and the emotional affair and all.

Meri Brown: Does She Care?

The two have been together for 30 years, but as we’ve seen on Sister Wives, things haven’t always been great between them.

Honestly, we’re not sure there was ever a time when things were even good.

Before the show even premiered ten years ago, they seemed to really struggle with the fact that Meri was only ever able to have one child.

She’s talked about having a hard time seeing Janelle and Christine be able to have so many children, and then when Robyn came into the picture and started having babies too

Meri Brown in LuLaRoe Dress

It seemed tough on her, but that was definitely only part of the issue.

The big problem, which her infertility played into, was that she felt like she wasn’t getting as much attention as the other wives.

Or as much of anything — we saw that when they moved to Las Vegas and she insisted on having the huge house with all the extra features because she deserved as much as the other wives, even though they had so many more children.

And when the family decided that she and Kody should end their legal marriage (since Meri was first, she was Kody’s only legal wife, the rest have "spiritual" marriages) so that he could marry Robyn and adopt her kids from her first marriage, things got worse.

Photo via TLC

She’s admitted to feeling very lonely, and that’s why she started looking for friends online — and that’s when she met her catfish.

She was talking to a man who turned out to be a seriously sketchy woman who was lying to her, you know the story, but still, it’s important to note that she thought she was talking to some handsome guy and things did get a bit flirty.

Those aren’t the actions of a woman who is happy with her husband, right?

When Meri opened up to her family about being catfished, Kody tried to be understanding, but he did have a hard time with it all, which is understandable.

Kody Brown on the Finale

Since then, they’ve been going to therapy together to try to sort things out, but it hasn’t been going well.

At the end of the last season of Sister Wives, Meri even said that their relationship was "dead."

A lot of things that she’s been posting on social media in the past few months have seemed to hint at a big change coming — she’s been posting things about finding out your worth, and even things about getting through trauma.

And yesterday, she shared this image:

"Don’t confuse someone’s inability to love with you being unlovable," it reads.

So that’s pretty interesting!

It’s hard to imagine this being about anyone outside of her family, right?

And as usual, it’s hard to imagine that she’s posting these kinds of things without them resonating with her personally.

Meri in Black and White

Maybe she’s talking about Kody not giving her enough love, maybe she’s talking about feeling disconnected from her sister wives.

Maybe … no, one or both of those things are probably it.

After a good few years of Meri deeply struggling with her marriage, if she’s talking about feeling unlovable, then could it be possible that maybe it’s just time to end it?

We doubt she ever will, of course, because of her religious beliefs.

But man, it really does seem like it’s time to move on, huh?