Jeremy Vuolo: Sorry I Joked About Jinger Duggar's Dead Grandma!

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Talk about too soon!

Last week, Jeremy Vuolo made an unusually dark joke on his Instagram page.

The Vuolos In 2020

The Duggars aren't exactly known for their macabre sense of humor, so it immediately caught the attention of fans.

And the more they thought about it, the less they liked it.

It all started when Jeremy posted a video that showed a grasshopper slowly drowning in a small puddle.

In Love with Jeremy

"Would you rather: a) Drown in a swimming pool; or b) Be crushed by the jaws and teeth of a massive dog-like creature that is 4000x bigger than you?" he joked over the footage.

"I know, it’s a tough one," he added.

Already a bit dark for a random weekday afternoon, but the "joke" was made even worse by the fact that it dredged up some very unpleasant recent memories.

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo Photo

As you'll probably recall Jim Bob's mother -- and Jinger's grandmother -- Mary Duggar died last summer.

Due to her advanced age, 78, it was initially widely assumed that she died of natural causes.

Fans were shocked, however, to learn that Mary drowned in a swimming pool after being left unattended.

Jinger Duggar reacts to grandma’s passing

There was a period of several weeks during which the Duggars refused to answer any questions about the accident, and while no foul play is suspected, it was generally a very messy affair.

So the Duggars probably weren't thrilled with Jeremy making drowning jokes just over a year later.

Fans were quick to make the connection between the video and last summer's tragedy.

Jeremy Comes Clean

And once that connection was pointed out to him, Jeremy quickly deleted the clip and apologized.

"Yesterday, I retweeted a nature video & made a comment about a grasshopper drowning in a pool," Vuolo tweeted.

"I was not thinking about what happened last Summer and, as soon as I realized how insensitive it was, I took it down," he added.

Gazing at Jinger

"I asked my wife & in-laws to forgive me & I hope you will, as well!"

Odd use of exclamation point, but fans were quick to give Jeremy a pass.

"Oh dear Jeremy...your heart is in the right place and though I don't know you personally I believe you are a kind and compassionate man who would never intentionally hurt anybody and I am sure those who do personally know you feel the same," one person wrote.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo on Their Gram

"Jeremy, to me there is nothing to forgive. Nobody should say you are comparing Grandma Duggar with a grasshopper. God bless!" another added.

"I dont think anyone made that connection but if family did, then this was the loving course of action," a third chimed in. 

"We have ALL stumbled with our words and been insensitive, whether intentional or not. It shows strength of character to address it and apologize," another added.

Jeremy Vuolo with His Wife

Well ... lots of people made the connection, but we're sure Jeremy posted the video without thinking about it, so it's good that the internet decided not to fixate ... for once.

Of course, it probably doesn't hurt that Jeremy is one of the more beloved members of the extended Duggar family.

If, say, Josh had posted a similar video and apology, the reaction likely would have been very different.

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