Mary Duggar: Details of Her Grisly Death Finally Revealed [Exclusive]

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Back in June, we learned that Jim Bob Duggar's beloved mother Mary Duggar passed away at the age of 78.

Due to her advanced age, it was initially assumed that Mary, a.k.a. Grandma Duggar, died of natural causes.

That later proved not to be the case.

Jinger Duggar with grandma Mary Duggar

Fans of the famous Arkansas family were shocked to learn that Mary had drowned under mysterious circumstances.

While several members of the Duggar family paid tribute to Mary in heartfelt social media posts, details were lacking.

None of them offered any specifics with regard to the circumstances under which their beloved matriarch drowned.

And that's certainly their right.

Mary Duggar Photo

But given the Duggars' close relationship with fans, it's not surprising that this raised questions among the community.

Some overzealous Duggar obsessives even accused Jim Bob and family of dodging questions about Mary's death.

Now, in an exclusive interview, a source close to the family tells The Hollywood Gossip that the Duggars may have had good reason to keep the details of Mary's passing under wraps.


Earlier this week, the insider - a former employee of the Duggars who developed close friendships with several members of the family - spoke with us about Mary and other matters.

He informed us that in recent months, Josiah Duggar has been clashing with Jim Bob like never before.

Asked about the exact nature of their conflict, the source informed us that Mary was a confidant to both men - and their secrets may have been buried alongside her.

Deanna Duggar

"I think the only one who knew took it to her grave when she drowned," said our exclusive source.

"I still have my doubts on that death theory," he added turning his attention to Mary's drowning.

"Her daughter is a dollar chasing piece of work who Jim Bob keeps at arm's length."

He was referring to Deanna Jordan (above), Jim Bob's sister and only sibling.

Amy and Deanna Duggar

Deanna and Jim Bob have been never been particularly close, and for public figures, little is known about their relationship.

Now, they appear to have cut ties entirely in the weeks since Mary's passing.

We have no way of knowing why that might be, but Deanna was Mary's primary caretaker in her final years.

As such, fans have speculated that Jim Bob feels her negligence was the true cause of their mom's passing.

Amy and Marry Duggar

Citing the version of events that the Duggars have shared with close family and friends, our source told us:

"They said she tripped and fell in the pool and drowned, and her daughter found her."

However, the insider has doubts about that claim. 

Deanna was the only person present when her mother's body was found, and the informant told us she doesn't have the greatest reputation in terms of honesty and transparency.

Jinger Duggar reacts to grandma’s passing

"Never liked gold diggers or people that have to be the center of attraction," he said, dismissing Deanna as a money-hungry social climber.

The source added that Deanna no longer sees Jim Bob as her path to fame and fortune, however.

Instead, she now believes her daughter, Amy Duggar, will be the one to put her on the path toward Easy Street.

"Her daughter Amy is a chip of the old block," the source said.

Amy Duggar, Baby Bump at 19 Weeks

He added that Amy briefly attempted to make it as a country singer, but quickly abandoned those plans:

"Went to Nashville and a friend of mine up there said she couldn't carry a tune in a bucket," he told us.

"Just trying to live off the Duggàr name."

Of course, even if it's true that Mary tripped and fell into a pool while under her daughter's care, that doesn't necessarily mean that Deanna is at fault.

Amy Duggar King with grandma Mary Duggar

Even in her later years, Mary was fully mobile and largely self-reliant.

She could have drowned after being left unattended for only a few minutes - tragic, but not negligent on anyone's part.

Still, it's not hard to see how her passing may have been the final straw for Jim Bob.

He and his sister have been at odds for quite some time, and their relationship became particularly strained in the years since Deanna's divorce.

The Duggars, as we know, take marriage very seriously and believe divorce should be reserved for only the most severe circumstances.

Whatever the case, it sounds like the passing of their beloved matriarch has resulted in a major rift among the Duggars that may never be fully healed.

Stay tuned.

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