Audrey Roloff Savaged as "Careless" and "Entitled" for Family Road Trip

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Audrey Roloff is in the middle of a relaxing road trip with her husband and two kids.

They rented a van ... they've stopped to see relatives ... and, based on the plethora of photos Audrey has published, they are having a fantastic time as an immediate family.

This must also mean the couple doesn't have access to wifi on their vacation.

Roloffs Outside

Because if they did? The trip might not be to relaxing.

While Audrey and Jeremy are traveling around the Pacific Northwest -- hitting up Spokane and Idaho and Flathead and Glacier national parks -- social media users are sitting behind their keyboards and ripping the husband and wife to shreds.

Wrote one critic online:

"Can you imagine, in the middle of a pandemic, being so selfish, careless, and having the resources to go on a month long camping trip in Montana and say to your followers who have lost jobs, who are struggling, that they’re 'having the time of their lives' over and over?"

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff in Nature

Now, look.

We're not exactly Audrey Roloff apologists.

We've criticized the former Little People, Big World star on numerous occasions, calling her out for being a preachy hypocrite.

But this critique seems like a misguided and illogical step too far.

On a Road Trip

FIRST, it's not careless to take your kids camping.

It's maybe the most responsible sort of vacation one can take amid the outbreak of COVID-19, considering one is always outside and rarely in close proximity to other human beings.

SECOND, it doesn't take a lot of money to go on this kind of trip, either.

There's no airfare. There are no hotel costs. There aren't even any restaurant tabs to pay.

Audrey Rolof on a Boat

THIRD, Audrey may be sharing quite a lot about the outing on Instagram but, uhh.... welcome to Instagram, hater!

This is what the platform is meant for and the beauty of any social media account is that you can simply unfollow it at any time.

Still, however, the savaging of Audrey Roloff appears to know no bounds.

Roloffs on the Lake

"I think she likes to rub in people’s faces how rich and entitled she is," one person wrote, while another added:

"I think its fine for people to give their experiences as long as they keep it in perspective a little.

"Blathering on and on about how amazing things are for them seems really tone-deaf."

Back in April, Audrey was also trashed as being tone-deaf and privileged for her early response to the pandemic.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff with Molly and Joel

Whatever your opinion of Audrey overall, it's clear she's having a blast.

"We called the place we rented our trailer from yesterday to see if we could extend our trip... but they are renting it the day we return it," Roloff typed on Instagram yesterday.

"we’re not ready to come home yet. Already scheming our next adventure and on the hunt for a trailer on the way home right now."

Such nerve she has, huh?!?

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