Jeremy Roloff Snubs Wife, Prompts Speculation Over Crumbling Marriage

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Over the past several weeks, we've documented a number of reasons to believe that Audrey Roloff isn't getting along with her in-laws.

A strong case in point?

The former Little People, Big World star didn't invite any of her husband's family members to attend her recent birthday party.

Jeremy and His Kids

This seems like cause for examination by a celebrity gossip site such as ours, but not necessarily a huge deal, right?

At least Audrey has Jeremy in her corner, right?

But the father of two has suddenly given social media followers a basis to think this might actually not be the case.

Could there be trouble in this romantic paradise?

Audrey Roloff on Her Birthday

To be clear... Jeremy did spend Audrey's birthday with her and the couple's son and daughter, as you can see above.

HOWEVER: Jeremy never sent any well wishes to his wife on this special occasion. He didn't pay tribute to Audrey at all on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Not a single word, you guys.

Granted, this could mean nothing. This could have been an oversight on Jeremy's part or he could have just chosen to praise his wife in private this year, not in front of many thousand online followers.

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff in Swimsuits

But here's the thing:

Jeremy almost made us cry in 2018 with his birthday post about Audrey.

"You are a beautiful creation, an amazing wife, and a great mom," he wrote at the time, adding:

"I love your self acceptance and desire for self growth - to be you and only you, while also seeking who you were made to be.

"Thanks for grounding me, taking care of me, and loving me so well."

Roloffs on the 4th

Just beautiful words.

Why none aimed at Audrey this year, though?

It's not because Jeremy has taken some sort of social media hiatus.

He posted numerous photos of late of him out on a camping and fishing trip, sharing snapshots of his successful trout catches (below) -- and not a single image of Audrey.

Jeremy Roloff with a Trout

Might Jeremy have needed a break from a troubled marriage? And gotten out by himself for a little bit in the wake of whatever is going on between the spouses?

We can't say for certain, of course.

But we aren't the only ones speculating.

“It’s gotta be a passive aggressive move by Jeremy at this point,” one person noted oof Jeremy's apparent birthday snub.

“The only reason I can think of is if Auj told him not to make a post, but why in the world would social media presence obsessed Auj do that? It’s gotta be getting under her skin.”

Look at the Roloffs!

For the record, just under three months ago, Audrey had no problem gushing over Jeremy when he turned 30 years old.

"I hope that even despite turning 30 during a global pandemic that you felt celebrated and loved this weekend," she wrote to her man, having to unfortunately refer to the Covid-19 outbreak in May, adding:

"I am honored to be your wife babe. To dream with you, work with you, adventure with you, learn from you, and grow alongside you.

"You are a man of gentle strength which is such a blessing to our family. You are patient and discerning. You are confident and capable."

30 Years Old!

And Audrey concluded back then:

I admire your ability to take the serious things seriously, but also never take yourself too seriously.

I love that you can be challenging me one moment, and then making me laugh hysterically the next.

You are a gift to so many Jeremy, but what’s more significant than that is that you are an encouragement and inspiration to the people who know you the most.

I love you Farmer. Happy 30th birthday. Lock it in. ‘Here’s Hail to the rest of the road.

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