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In the past, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have faced off with trolls.

But this time, the critics are going after their book as much as after them.

Even Auj and Jer’s fans are putting them on blast for offering advice that they’re not qualified to give.

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Jeremy explained why, despite having starred on Little People, Big World with his family for ages, he stepped away from the show.

"I just reached a point where it was never really something I said ‘yes’ to," Jeremy reasons. "I just grew up doing it."

"“And it’s been amazing," he admits. "If you asked me if I’d do it all over again, I would say yes. …"

"But, it’s just a long time," Jeremy characterizes. "It’s time to do something else."

In other words, Jeremy just reached a slightly more amicable version of why Jacob stormed off the family farm years ago.

It is extremely fair for children who grow up as involuntary reality stars to realize that they dislike or even resent it.

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We’ll get to why that line was significant in a moment.

But a lot of fans are incensed about Audrey and Jeremy’s book on marriage, A Love Letter Life.

Why? Because they’ve only been married since September of 2014.

"They haven’t even been married long enough to give advice," observes one commenter.

"They know NOTHING," asserts another.

That same critic accuses: "The book is popular because of the show."

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Another, much more experienced commenter points out the inherent futility in sharing "marriage secrets."

"I’ve been married 31 years," the commenter begins.

"And as far as I see," the critic continues. "Not everything works for everyone."

That is absolutely right.

The commenter concludes: "They certainly haven’t put in the time or years to give advice."

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But we mentioned Auj and Jer’s explanation for why they left the show because some of the backlash was over that.

"They’ll be back," predicted one commenter.

"Yep," agreed another. "When the money runs out!"

In fact, some of these fans have given voice to a conspiracy theory that, we have to say, sounds very credible.

Auj and Jer may be angling to one day have their very own reality series, totally independent of the rest of Jeremy’s family.

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Now that we’re done with the controversial elements of this interview, can we just talk about how is starts?

They lament the tragic loss of Jeremy Roloff’s amazing hair but then try to claim that he is a "lookalike" with Matt Damon.

First of all, Matt Damon is pushing 50. And while they have moderately similar chins, they mostly are just both men who have faces.

Second of all, if they really wanted to compare him, we suppose that from certain angles he could do a decent Kit Harington impersonation.

That said, since Auj and Jer consider looking at Instagram thirst traps to be "pornography," we doubt that they watch Game of Thrones.

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Real talk: do Audrey and Jeremy want their very own reality series?

They’ve walked away from Little People, Big World because they felt a religious calling that apparently involved writing a book and doing a lazily named podcast.

They’ve also said that The Bachelor is inconsistent with their Christian values, so they must be a lot of fun at parties.

(You can have any faith you like, but if your biggest problem with that series isn’t about the overwhelmingly white casting … rethink your priorities)

What would be their special hook to convince viewers (and networks) that they’re worth tuning in to watch?