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It’s only been 10 months since Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Larangeira tied the knot in one of the messiest weddings in reality TV history.

But if these two thought Snooki’s bridesmaid speech would be the most difficult challenge they would face together, it seems they were sadly mistaken.

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Fans are convinced that Angelina and Chris have already called it quits.

And while neither party has publicly commented on the situation, the evidence of a split is pretty compelling.

For starters, several Jersey Shore obsessives on Reddit claim that since-deleted Instagram Stories show Angelina hanging out with a guy named Chuck, who is one of her ex-fiances.

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(Lest we forget, Pivarnick was engaged twice before she eventually settled down with Chris.)

Obviously, it’s totally possible that Angelina is just friends with her ex.

After all, if he witnessed her Chippendale shenanigans in Vegas and still went through with the wedding, Chris probably isn’t the jealous type.

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But that’s not the only indication that Angelina might not be feeling the married life.

Several fans have pointed out that Angelina has been hanging out with Double Shot at Love stars Brittani “B-Lashes” Schwartz, Derryn Paige, and Marissa Lucchese.

Again, it’s not hard evidence that Pivarnick is going wild after a few short months of domestication.

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But if you’ve ever watched Vinny and Pauly D’s Jersey Shore spin-off, you know that their female companions like to party and hook-up.

So if Ange is hitting the club with them, there’s a pretty good chance that she’s partaking in the festivities.

Need more proof? Check out what Chris was posting on Instagram as Angelina was partying with B-Lashes and company:

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“All I need in life,” Larangeira captioned the pic, along with the obligatory heart-eye cat emoji.

Chris and Angelina have never been the most demonstrative couple, but saying your cat is the only thing you need in life after you’ve been married less than a year is not a good sign.

And the significance of the timing of his post was not lost on the amateur sleuths of Reddit.

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“His IG story [was] posted while she was out with the [Double Shot at Love] girls,” one fan wrote.

The same user pointed out that Pivarnick has been “spending a lot of time with a guy named Chuck, who apparently is one of her ex-fiancés.” 

“For the last few weeks, I have been keeping a special eye on her Instagram after I saw a comment [on Reddit] that she and Chris were no longer following each other,” another person commented.

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Their conclusion after all that monitoring? You guessed it — Angelina and Chris are dunz-o!

Of course, all this is just speculation, and much of it is based on the assumption that Chris and Angelina are traditionalists who want a conventional marriage.

But all signs point to the fact that this is not the case.

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They’ve bonded over the fact that they’re a couple of short-tempered eccentrics.

So even if Angelina likes to go out partying without Chris, and he occasionally gets upset and posts a passive-aggressive post on Instagram, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going their separate ways.

For all we know, Angelina caught wind of the fact that people have been saying she looks like Kim Kardashian, and she’s been going out more in the hope that she’ll be mistakenly "recognized" …