Usman Umar to Michael Ilesanmi: You Already Effed Up! Might as Well Stay With Angela Deem!

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Fans horrified by Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi's toxic relationship didn't love seeing his mom give her blessing.

The two were married early this year. But 90 Day Fiance castmate Usman Umar says that, actually, this is a good thing.

Michael Ilesanmi Haunted by Angela Deem

90 Day Fiance viewers are justifiably concerned with what they are seeing on their screens.

Calling off the wedding every other day is, by itself, kind of funny.

Constant verbal and emotional abuse, wearing down Michael until he's walking on eggshells at all times, is not.

Angela Deem - get your ass out

Despite his family's concerns and more, including Angela's inability to "tote" a child, Michael's mother gave them her blessing to marry.

Her reasoning made sense: if Michael loves her, she didn't see the point in trying to sabotage things.

For whatever reason, this is what Michael wants, so she gave her blessing.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi Wedding Photo

Fans hoping for Michael to escape are in for more anxiety and disappointment.

In January of this year, Angela and Michael were married in Nigeria.

Though they undoubtedly have more hurdles to face, many fans believe that Michael's fate is sealed.

Angela Deem glares menacingly

To be clear, this is not about Angela's age, or how many things she stashes in her bra, or her tendency to smoke indoors like it's 1983 or The Purge

This is about verbal abuse. The way that Angela acts towards Michael is a horror.

Whether doubters are right and Michael is running a scam or whether it's true love, neither are a good reason to stay with someone who mistreats you.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi Listen Nervously to the Doctor

Usman Umar, a fellow 90 Day Fiance star and a Nigerian himself, is aware of the parallels drawn between himself and Michael's story.

Speaking to In Touch Weekly, however, he does not suggest that he expects to see the same ending for Michael and Angela that he had with Baby Girl Lisa Hamme.

"From what I know," the rapper says, "the Angela you see on screen is the same person."

Angela Deem screeches at Michael

In other words, he says that she is exactly the same on and off camera ... which, in his mind, is somehow a good thing.

Usman praises Angela for speaking her mind about her expectations, a trait that no one would dispute.

"Michael is a good person as well," Usman offers.

Usman is Famous

"I’m not saying this [because] he is a Nigerian like I am," Usman clarifies.

He explains that he praises Michael's character "but [because] I’ve seen it and know that for sure."

"Angela is trying as well," Usman adds.

Angela Deem Wants Michael Ilesanmi to Tell the Truth

"And she [seems] to be a better person when it comes to social media," Usman assesses.

He says that she is a better person "[because] she doesn’t go [around] dragging fans who like or dislike them [as a couple]."

Usman could be talking about Michael politely asking haters and trolls to unfollow him ... but surely he is also, on some level, thinking of Lisa.

Michael Ilesanmi - I want both sides to be happy

"Let’s keep watching and see how everything goes with them," Usman expresses.

He concludes by declaring: "I wish them all the best in their relationship."

We, too, hope that the marriage between Michael and Angela ends as well as it possibly can. Take that as you will.

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