Kylie Jenner Goes Pantsless, Looks JUST LIKE Kim Kardashian!

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As you may have noticed, Kylie Jenner is slowly transforming into Kim Kardashian.

We may never know how much of this is the result of genetics, and how much is the result of a family discount from the finest plastic surgeon in Calabasas, but whatever the reason, Kylie looks more like her famous big sis every day:

Kylie Jenner: No Pants, No Problem

That's Kylie's latest Instagram upload, and as you can see, the Kim-face is stronger than ever.

Of course, when Kylie posts photos of her butt (which she does with surprising frequency), she inadvertently calls attention to the biggest difference between her appearance and Kim's.

We see it so often these days that it's almost easy to forget how huge Kim's ass is

No one knew what to do when it came on the scene a decade ago.

Our younger readers may not remember this, but it was a simpler time when the world thought that Jennifer Lopez would never lose her title as the Queen of Celebrity Asses.

Obviously, the world came to know and love Kim's ginormous 'donk, and the rest is history.

It's photos like the one above that remind us that Kylie and Kim are half sisters, and that the Kard gals have frequently attributed their famously curvy figures to their Armenian heritage.

The KJs, of course, don't have those Middle Eastern genes.

Kendall Jenner has fully embraced her own body type, but Kylie still seems hell-bent on an acquiring the kind of butt that can launch an empire.

Sadly, there are some miracles that no doctor can perform.

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