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Just days after the stunning news that Michael Kopech is divorcing Vanessa Morgan after her pregnancy announcement, fans are already joking.

Well, half-joking. Some of them think that this is Brielle Biermann’s chance to get her ex back.

Brielle Biermann and Michael Kopech

"Looking for my shotgun rider," Brielle Biermann captioned a photo of herself looking out a car window.

Clearly, she was lamenting being single and suggesting that she’s looking for a date.

(Or, you know, she just wanted a caption to share alongside a genuinely good photo)

Brielle Biermann Looking For Her Ride or Die
Photo via Instagram

Obviously, some of her replies were a chorus of volunteers from people of an array of genders offering to fill her … passenger’s seat.

Brielle is young and hot and a celebrity. Post enough thirst traps, and even your regular photos are going to snare horny people.

But other commenters decided to flock to her post to troll her … because her ex-boyfriend is newly single.

Brielle Biermann and Michael Kopech on the Beach
Photo via Instagram

"I hear Micheal Kopech is available…"  suggested on commenter.

"Go pick up Michael," another joked. "He’s divorced."

Another follower suggested that now is Brielle’s opportunity to "Yo go get Mikey back!"

Brielle Biermann and Michael Kopech, Hand in Hand
Photo via Instagram

"LOL at Kopech regretting leaving u rn," an additional follower suggested, mocking him father than Brielle.-

Another took a bizarre pot-shot at Vanessa Morgan, writing: "Mike picked the wrong girl."

"Poor mike," another derided. "He wishes."

Brielle Biermann Shows Off Michael Kopech
Photo via Instagram

Mike Kopech is a baseball player — specifically, a pitcher — for the Chicago White Sox.

He is a MLB player, which research tells me is relevant to his status as a professional athlete.

Those of us who are not overly familiar with sportsball know him because he used to date Brielle.

Brielle Biermann and Michael Kopech Make Out
Photo via Instagram

Mike dated Brielle for two years.

In March of 2018, the pair broke up, claiming that the split was "due to age."

For the record, Brielle was 21 at the time and he was 22. But sure, whatever. People are allowed to break up for any reason.

Brielle Biermann and Michael Kopech Photo
Photo via Instagram

Mike moved on from one of the hottest girls on reality TV to one of the hottest girls on scripted TV.

He hooked up with Vanessa Morgan, who had starred in Season 2 of The Shannara Chronicles and currently plays Toni Topaz on Riverdale.

Mike stunned fans by proposing to Vanessa in July of 2019.

Photo via Instagram

In January of 2020, Vanessa and Michael were married.

Vanessa is currently 28. Michael is currently 24.

Though he is on the young side for marriage, people were enamored with the super hot couple.

Photo via Instagram

Vanessa and Mike had two stunning announcements for fans in July.

First, Vanessa announced to the world that she is pregnant.

She is expecting a boy, her first child, to be born in January 2021.

Michael Kopech Pic
Photo via Instagram/Michael Kopech

Then it was Mike’s turn to astonish the world by filing for divorce.

The timing was odd, but fans had already noticed that he was in no way shown or mentioned in Vanessa’s pregnancy announcement.

We all have a lot of questions and it seems that only time will answer them — assuming that we learn the answers at all.

Photo via Instagram

In the mean time, we don’t really expect Brielle to fall back into old habits — and by "old habits," we mean Michael Kopech’s penis.

It’s been two years. He’s gotten engaged and married and filed for divorce and (presumably) fathered a child since their breakup.

That is plenty of time for Brielle to move on, not just with her romantic life but in her heart and mind.