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Depending on how one looks at it, Denise Richards has either enjoyed every second of this latest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season…

… or absolutely despised it.

Denise Richards in Beverly Hills

The former actress has been at the forefront of the most buzzworthy storyline — but she’s at least pretended as if the entire Bravo universe was NOT talking about her alleged affair with Brandi Glanville.

Indeed, as you must know by now, this is the allegation:

Glanville claims that she and Richards made out the very first night they met last year.

She claims they then hooked up (and did "everything") a few months later after Richards invited her over for a visit.

Denise Richards and brandi

Following months’ worth of rumors and insinuations and social media arguments with her co-star, Glanville fiinally dropped this bombshell on her colleagues last Wednesday.

She detailed the events and (drunken) discussions that led to her supposed scissoring of Richards, despite the fact that Denise has been married since 2018.

No big deal, Brandi has said, though.

She claims Richards and her husband, Aaron Phypers, have an open marriage.

Brandi Glanville Makes a Reveal

For the most part, Richards has denied ever touching, kissing or orgasming with Glaville… but she’s also sort of teased the possibility in multiple interviews.

She clearly knows how to play the promotional game.

In an exchange with The Washington Post late last week, for example, Richards said “I did not have an affair."

But she also said: "There’s definitely consistency with the subject matter that comes up on this Housewives season, and that’s all I’ll say."

In terms of her relationship?

“If I had an open marriage, I would be open about it,” she told the newspaper.

Richards reportedly left The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills halfway through this season and yet she won’t rule out a return next year.

“I actually had so much fun my first season, and I formed genuine friendships. This season was very different, but I would never say I regret anything,” Richards told the Post.

“I just roll with the punches."

So, what would it take to bring Richards back?

Money, of course.

But she’d also sign on for Season 11 "if it makes sense," Richards explains, in broad and vague fashion.

The best guess here? Richards will absolutely, positively return next year, assuming the price is right.

Denise Richards Knows Her Ex

Glanville, meanwhile, still can’t believe that people don’t believe her.

"I’m not lying,” she told Us Weekly about her alleged hookup with Richards.

“People can say whatever they want to say. Listen, it doesn’t matter because I know my truth and the truth is setting me free right now because I don’t have to keep this f—king secret anymore.

"Because I hate [secrets], I just am not good at secrets. … I don’t like when I think somebody has something on me. It’s just the worst feeling.

"That’s why I live my life so out loud."

As you might expect, neither Richards nor Glanville agree on much these days.

Except for this one thing:

You should really tune in on Wednesday night at 9/8c to see more of their drama play out on Bravo.