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Brandi Glanville knows there are haters and she knows there are doubters.

But the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star doesn’t care.

Brandi Glanville Makes a Reveal

She’s here to once again kiss, tell… and then put anyone on blast who doesn’t believe what transpired between her and Denise Richards.

At this point, if you’re a celebrity gossip follower, you must know the scandal to which we’re referring.

Repeatedly over the past several weeks, Glanville has insisted that she and Richards carried on a passionate affair — despite the former actress’ protestations and despite Richards being married.

This past Wednesday night, Brandi dropped this bombshell on her colleagues for the first time.

She alleged her first sexual encounter with Richards took place the night they met, during a dinner that was shown during season nine of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

"We completely click, we get absolutely wasted, we go to the restroom, and all of a sudden, we’re making out," Brandi explained on air.

"I wasn’t expecting it, but I was like, ”Alright, I’ll go with it! I’m wasted, you’re pretty, let’s do this!’"

Fast forward a few months and Glanville detailed a story about how Richards invited her to visit her on set in Northern California… where she told her her spit-swapping partner she could stay with her.

"There was no roll-away bed, conveniently," Brandi said.

"So I just slept in the bed with Denise."

Brandi Glanville: I Hooked Up with Denise Richards & We Did EVERYTHING!

And then?

The women got drunk and "kind of hooked up," Glanville claimed.

"Like kiss?" Teddi Mellencamp asked.

"Like everything," Glanville replied, prompting dozens of men around the globe to run and find a new pair of pants.

Richards, for her part, has denied she and Glanville did anything.

And she did so again after this episode aired.

Taking to Instagram after the story was officially told by her nemesis and rumored lover, Denise wrote via meme:

"I really don’t have the energy."

She then responded to a fan who asked why her Bravo co-stars were attacking her this season and "lying" about her.

"I guess they needed someone," the 49-year-old responded. "I was an easy target with some things I shared last season."

When another follower said she was disgusted at the treatment of Richards, Denise wrote back:

"Thank you… definitely a different season for me. But my family is happy and healthy & that’s what really matters."

Glanville, meanwhile, refused to sit back and let Richards control the narrative.

"IM NOT F–KING LYING – just keep watching  – f–k," she Tweeted, later claiming:

"Yes, I honestly held my tongue for 9 months we hooked up twice she completely f–ked me over."

A few hours after, Glanville was still going off.

She even took her defense up a notch, insisting:

"Literally on both my boys lives I’m not f–king lying !Why don’t we ask our mutual agent !!???"

Brandi Glanville Would Like a Glass of Water

On this same episode Wednesday night, Glanville told those around her that she remains scarred by Richards’ actions.

‘The whole cheating thing for me is so personal, and I was so broken for so long," Brandi said, referring to how ex-husband Eddie Cibrian left her for  LeAnn Rimes.

"When I was married, and I was cheated on, it destroyed me. It broke my life, so I would never, ever, ever do that to someone else."

Brandi Glanville is Uneasy

Citing Richards’ husband, Brandi added:

"I would have never slept with Denise if I thought that Aaron was not okay with it.

"He knew that I was going out with her. He knew that we had made out before."

"There was no question in my mind that Aaron was okay with all of this."

Richards, of course, has strongly denied any assertion that she and her husband have an open marrriage.

As for which side other Real Housewives believe in this sordid tale?

"Brandi can be a lot of things," Kyle said in a confessional on Wednesday. She can be mean, she can be a bitch. But I honestly don’t believe she’s a liar."

And then, on Thuesday, Dorit Kemsley reacted to the bombshell allegations by Glanville.

"It’s shocking information," she told Andy Cohen.

"At least hearing it from [Brandi], it gave me a chance to kind of hear it from her voice because I hadn’t really heard it from her before I heard it from the girls. But it doesn’t make it any less shocking."