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For the past several days, family and friends of Naya Rivera have been publicly paying their respects to the late actress.

As you’ve surely heard, she died last week while out on a boating trip with her four-year-old son, Josey.

Naya Rivera Profile Pic
Photo via Instagram

The two rented a pontoon boat and took it out on Lake Piru in California, but when the boat wasn’t returned on time, a search began.

Another boater found the rental, and they found Josey asleep with Naya nowhere to be found.

Later, the boy told investigators that they were both swimming, then he got back on the boat while she stayed in the water.

Naya Rivera with Josey

It’s now believed that the the situation in the lake had gotten dangerous, and that Naya managed to push her son on the boat to safety but wasn’t able to save herself.

A search party was formed to find her, but it soon turned into a recovery mission, as she was believed to have drowned.

On Monday, her body was found.

Naya Rivera on Insta

Since then, so many people have spoken out about how much Naya meant to them.

Several of her former Glee costars had such kind things to say about her, like Jane Lynch, who tweeted:

“Rest sweet, Naya. What a force you were. Love and peace to your family.”

Photo via FOx

Chris Colfer posted a lengthy tribute to her on Instagram, telling us all that she “was truly one of a kind, and she always will be.”

Darren Criss sweetly wrote that even while he was mourning her, “the very thought of her cracks me up and still brings a smile to my face. That was Naya’s gift. And it’s a gift that will never go away.”

Her family also released an official statement thanking all the people who looked for her and all the people who have sent prayers and condolences.

And now one more person is coming forward with a statement about Naya: her ex, Big Sean.

Naya and Big Sean got together in 2013, and a few months after they started dating, they got engaged.

They planned a wedding for July of 2014, but they broke up before it happened – some reports claimed that he cheated on her, other sources said that he couldn’t handle her jealousy.

Whatever happened, things definitely didn’t end amicably.

But still, after what happened to Naya, Big Sean took the time to write a sweet statement on Instagram.

Along with a couple of photos of her, he wrote the following:

Rest In Peace Naya, God Bless your Soul!

Thank you for blessing us all with your talent and presence. You are a hero!

Not just because of how you saved your son, also because of the barriers you knocked down for so many people to make them feel confident in themselves and to stand tall and be pround when they couldn’t achieve that on their own.

I appreciate and cherish everything that ever happened between us for making me wiser and a better person.

I’m still grieving and in shock, I can’t believe this is real.

I’m praying for you and your family and I know you’re watching over them and protecting them.

Rest In Peace Naya.

Once again, we send our condolences to her friends and family — this really is such a heartbreaking loss.