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Audrey Roloff recently said on Instagram that women should not tear each other down.

And some might say she has a point.

However, both women and some men out there just ganged up on the former reality star via social media after Audrey shared a photo of her husband and her daughter.

Audrey Rolof on a Boat
Photo via Instagram

In this photo, Jeremy Roloff is paddling a canoe with two very adorable passengers inside, one of whom was two-year old child Ember.

To some people, the picture below looks not just harmless, but also rather precious, depicting a father spending some quality time with his first-born.

To others, however, the picture marks a potentially dangerous — even fatal — situation because the kids on board the canoe are not wearing any life jackets.

See for yourself:

On Reddit especially, the critics came out in force after seeing this snapshot.

"If you ever LOST YOUR CHILD in a drowning you would have to look back [sic] and these and see how ignorant you were," wrote one troll.

Added another: "This is terrifying. She needs to have respect how dangerous and strong water can be.

"Even myself a 26 year old women, who’s been around water my who [sic] life I always wear a life jacket when kayaking, boating, or tubing."

Sick of the hate, Audrey logged on herself

"Everyone coming AT ME about life jackets. This little stream is only a foot deep and they stayed here the whole time. Be calm."

This explanation didn’t cause Audrey’s detractors to relax, however.

"As a former life guard we were taught ‘you can drown in a bowl of soup’ as a way to explain that it doesn’t take much for a child (or inexperienced adult) to drown," one user wrote.

"She is an absolute idiot. I don’t wish harm to her but I hope this is a wake up call for her fake ‘free spirit’ lifestyle.’"

Photo via Instagram

Audrey has since deleted the canoe photo, while adding a few of her immediate family on a larger boat.

As you can see above and below, she and her husband did supply their kids with life jackets for this ride.

"I want to create these kinds of memories with my own kids," wrote Audrey as a caption to these images, expounding as follows:

"The kind of family fun that embraces the stressful moments for the sake of the memories, allows us to enjoy God’s creation together, let’s us be physically active together, gives us opportunities to cheer each other on and challenge each other to try new things, invites us to be fully present with each other while confined to a small space, and ends up in their “thank you for…” prayers at night."

Audrey Rolof on a Boat
Photo via Instagram

Earlier this month, Audrey also got dragged for sharing a picture of Ember… asleep in the backseat of a car without being in a car seat.

In response to these judgmental haters, wrote sort of hilariously:

"If you’re looking to recruit some Karens, these comments are full of ‘em."

Audrey Roloff Laughs

Karen, of course, has become a nickname many folks use to slam privileged white woman, typically in the context of some sort of racist behavior.

Did it therefore apply here? Not really.

But was it nevertheless a creative way for Audrey to fire back at her critics?

You better believe it.