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Kyle Richards is one of the latest stars to take part in the Challenge Accepted campaign, designed to uplift women.

In this case, Kyle opted to go nude for the photo, and confessed to her followers her greatest fear when she signed up for RHOBH.

"I struggled to post a photo because I didn’t understand what’s so ‘challenging’ about posting a black and white photo of ourselves," Kyle’s caption begins.

"But," she notes, "so many of the wonderful women in my life messaged me ‘challenging’ me ( I tagged them)"

Kyle continues, writing "so I decided to post this picture," and showing off a photo of a gorgeous and artful nude.

Kyle looks absolutely incredible!

"About this picture," Kyle comments, "I took this picture for my husband for Valentine’s Day one year."

She freely admits: "I was nervous to take it."

"And then," Kyle recalls, "when I was asked to do #RHOBH I was nervous to accept doing the show."

She explains that she was anxious about rising to fame "because I was worried this photo would surface."

Clearly the picture is from many years ago. You can hardly tell, because Kyle has hardly aged.

In retrospect, Kyle can now find amusement in how anxious she once felt about a harmless photo.

"I thought it was THAT risque!!" she remarks about a photo pose that has also appeared on magazine covers and album covers in recent years.

Kyle pokes fun at herself, joking: "How scandalous!"

"Now here I am posting it," Kyle acknowledges.

This shows how far society has come in terms of the policing of female bodies, but it also illustrates Kyle’s personal growth.

Kyle explains thats he is now sharing it with her fans and followers and the world "because it DOES make me feel empowered!"

"I am proud to come from a family of all women," Kyle expresses.

And she absolutely should be!

She adds that she recognizes that she is "fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing women in my life."

Kyle expresses that she is proud of this "and to be the mother of 4 incredible women."

"And," she adds, a "soon to be woman ( Portia)."

Portia, who may have been born after this photo was taken, is 12 years old.

"Thank you to all the women that support me & love me," Kyle gushes to her fans and followers.

Her caption concludes: "I love, support & appreciate you #challengeaccepted."

That is certainly an iteration of the challenge that we did not personally expect to see.

Kyle Richards is Visibly Shocked

The "challenge accepted" campaign’s goal is simple: female empowerment.

The idea is simply that women tag each other, talk about how their own experiences and these other women, and post a black and white photo.

Though some have questioned the efficacy of the campaign, as Kyle did, it seems like a harmless way to discuss female friends, mentors, and those who inspire others.

Kyle Richards Speaks at the Season 9 Reunion

It really speaks to how our society treats women that such a harmless photo’s existence might have cost Kyle this fabulous reality career.

Literally, this franchise would not be the same without her.

Imagine if patriarchal cultural standards that regulate female bodies had cost us this legendary series?