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For weeks now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules are dating.

For a while, the couple was playing coy with the public and refusing to either confirm or deny those reports.

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Now, Victoria has confirmed that she’s in a relatoinship.

But like pretty much everything else in 2020, the big reveal didn’t go quite as expected.

Like millions of other people all over the world, Victoria posted a black box to her Instagram page last Tuesday as part of #BlackOutTuesday, a hashtag trend supporting the Black Lives Matter protests that sprang up following the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Most of the comments on Victoria’s post were supportive, but as is always the case these days, a few racist douche bags came out of the woodwork.

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“So [happy] to see your true colors! Unfollowing glad to do so. Remain single with that personality,” one (former) follower commented.

Victoria replied, “I have a boyfriend." 

Granted, she didn’t come right out and say she’s dating Soules, but she confirmed she’s in a relationship after months of hinting that she’s hooking up with Chris.

Yes, Victoria joked about "escaping" from Soules’ farm last month, but that it seems that was nothing more than a joke.

Victoria Fuller Snapshot

Fuller ditched the farm for a brief period in order to visit fellow Bachelor alum and Peter Weber survivor Kelsey Weier.

But now, she’s back, and it seems she’s fully embraced the rural life.

Earlier this month, Fuller posted the photo below on her Instagram page.

It appears to have been taken at Soules’ house, which was enough to prompt some comments about Victoria’s relationship status.

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She captioned the pic "farm life," which really drove some folks up a wall.

When one follower remarked that Fuller will “never be the farm girl/wife" — whatever that means — Victoria replied, “Too late,”

No word on why Victoria and Chris are still keeping their relationship on the down-low, but it seems even friends of the couple have been instructed to remain silent on the subject

“Chris is a good friend of mine and he’s had a rough couple of years,” Bachelorette alum Wlls Adams recently told Life & Style.

Chris Soules Looks Dapper

“He’s a really, really sweet guy who deserves to find happiness, so wherever that lies," Adams added.

Yes, as far as residents of Bachelor Nation go, they don’t come much more controversial than Chris and Victoria.

They may never land a spin-off, but at least they both know what it’s like to face off against an army of haters every day.