Victoria Fuller: I'm Still Boning Chris Soules!

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Over the holiday weekend, Victoria Fuller announced that she had "escaped" from Chris Soules' farm.

She was joking. In fact, she and Chris are getting way more serious than anyone thought.

Victoria Fuller on the Farm

Us Weekly reports that Victoria's joke about "escaping" was very short term.

According to their inside source, Victoria and Chris are currently "exclusively dating" each other.

Victoria is back on the farm after her brief excursion to civilization.

The insider shares: "She is still quarantining with him in Iowa."

Chris Soules Sunset Photo

"She drove to visit Kelsey Weier," the insider explains.

The source continues "who lives in Des Moines."

The insider says taht Victoria only visited her "over Memorial Day weekend."

"But," the source adds, Victoria"is now back with Chris."

Victoria Fuller Underwear Photo

Victoria was obviously just joking when she announced that she had "escaped."

Whether she was joking about how others had perceived her time on the farm or making a half-joke about farm life, we can't say.

Many have suggested that Victoria, a hot yet controversial model, doesn't seem well suited to farm life.

In fact, it's gotten some serious shade thrown her way.

Chris Soules in Iowa

Ben Higgins and Chris go way back, and Ben has spoken about Chris' new relationship.

"Chris is a good buddy of mine,” he acknowledged earlier in May.

“We’ve stayed friends," Ben said, "and we’ve stayed in communication."

They have kept in touch "through his ups and downs and through my ups and downs."

Victoria Fuller Instagram Photo

"I will tell you this," Ben revealed at the time.

"He has not confirmed or denied to me as a friend if this is happening," he said of Chris' romance with Victoria.

"I don’t know her," Ben acknowledged.

He then added: "But I’m shocked that it happened."

The Bachelor Chris Soules

"I wish he would talk to me about it,” Ben complained.

Fun fact: reality stars famously hate having people complain to tabloids instead of talk to them directly.

But that is just the beginning of the potential issues that could tear Ben and Chris' bromance asunder.

See, it sounds like Ben doesn't approve ... at all.

Victoria Fuller Picture

“Victoria seemed a lot more outspoken than Chris," Ben said, like it's a bad thing.

He characterized his buddy: "Chris is a super quiet, shy guy."

"He has a great family," Ben praised.

"He’s really good at what he does," he added. "He’s a great farmer."

Chris Soules, Back in the Day

"And I didn’t see that side of Victoria," Ben opined.

He concluded his gripe by saying: "That doesn’t -- none of that relates with her."

We can see what he is getting at there.

Ben doesn't think that Victoria and Chris are compatible, because Victoria is outstpoken and doesn't have farmhand vibes.

Victoria Fuller Pic

Farm life is not for everyone. Both my my maternal grandparents grew up on a farm, and both very actively avoided that for themselves or their kids.

But there are lots of ways to live on a farm, and not all of them involve touching dirt (ew) or wrangling plants or watering livestock or whatever.

It's possible that Victoria and Chris are just enjoying each other's company for the moment.

They wouldn't be the only couple who've stretched out "Netflix and Chill" for months. Boning each other's brains out doesn't get old that quickly.

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