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Meri Brown is back in Flagstaff.

But is she about to embark on a major life journey?

This is the question Sister Wives can’t help asking at the moment.

Meri Brown in Flagstaff, Arizona

Just a few days ago, Meri posted a photo from Utah, cuddling up with her dog on the front porch of her bed and breakfast and causing followers to wonder if she had moved away for good.

We couldn’t really blame anyone for thinking this.

The veteran reality star has spent the past several months hinting strongly that her relationship with Kody Brown is over and that she’s ready to move on.

To basically anyone else and basically anywhere else, really.

Photo via Instagram

Alas, Meri has seemingly now returned to Arizona.

The TLC personality posted a new photo on Instagram earlier on Tuesday, including along with it the hashtags #FlagstaffFashion and #Flagstaff.

She likely simply took a visit to Utah in order to ensure her beloved inn is prepared to reopen to the publicn July 6, following a forced closing due to the coronavirus outbreak.

That’s the professional update on Meri.

Photo via Instagram

On a personal level, though?

Brown has once again raised eyebrows across the Internet, sharing a quote from John Muir as her latest Instagram caption and writing:

Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.

Yep, Meri just did it again. She once more made a vague reference to starting over and trying again, implying that — stop us if you’ve heard this before… — she’s done with Kody.

Photo via Instagram

To be fair, Meri and Kody got divorced in 2014.

She doesn’t need to announce any official break-up because she and Kody already are officially/legally broken up.

But they certainly act like husband and wife on screen during episodes of Sister Wives, even if they’re acting of late like fighting husband and wife.

And yet: Meri has removed her wedding ring. She hasn’t posted a photo of Kody on her social media account in almost a year. She has joked about her failed marriage

Photo via Instagram

On more than one occasion over the past few weeks, Meri has stated emphaticallly that she is on her own — and proud of it.

She must know what she’s doing/saying, but she also now seems sick of all the speculation over her marriage.

After posting the aforementioned snapshot of herself in Utah, and presumably reading through comments from people wondering if she was ever returning to Arizona, Meri turned off her Instagram comments.

They remain off as of this exact moment as well.

Meri Brown is United

It’s understandable if Meri is annoyed by all the questions out there.

We could easily see why it would be irritating for complete strangers to be wondering if you were single.

However, Meri herself has total control over these rumors and these inquiries.

All she has to do is stop publishing quotes about a new world… or about how she’s moving forward… or about only she is in control of her life.

Brown refuses to do so, though. We can’t help but wonder why, you know?