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You know what they say about actions and pictures, right?

The former speak louder than words and the latter have been known to say 1,000 words, which is a confusing way for our website to state the following:

Meri Brown said a heckuva lot with one social media post in particular last month.

Meri Brown is United

In mid-May, the veteran Sister Wives star talked about making brave choices in an Instagram post, while also staring straight into the camera and posing very clearly — without her wedding ring on.

Meri and Kody for married in 1990 and then divorced well over a decade later so that Kody could legally marry fourth wife Robyn and adopt her children.

Still, though, Meri and Kody have remained spiritually married after their official split, acting as a romantic couple and, of course, continuing to work side-by-side on Sister Wives.

This relationship has seemed more strained than ever of late, however.

Meri Brown Dazzles in Blue

"To take a wedding ring off is big in polygamy. It’s Meri’s way of saying, ‘I’m done,’" explained an insider to The Sun last week.

This same source also cited Meri’s recent workout routine (see photo below) and her ongoing weight loss journey as signs that she is moving on from Kody.

Or, to put it more accurately, that she’s already moved on from him.

“Her weight loss and hair cut is a good sign [that she’s done with Kody]!" says this individual. "That’s, ‘Okay time for me!’"

Meri, it should be noted, has been saying basically this same thing on Instagram for awhile now.

"I’ll do what I want," Brown posted on her account in early June, adding:

"I don’t need anyone but ME to tell me what I should do. I don’t need anyone but ME to tell me how to dress in the morning, or how do do my hair, or heaven help me, how to do my eyebrows!

"I’m a woman who has lived on this earth for nearly 50 years, and I’m not afraid to say it."

Meri Brown in Red, White and Blue

We couldn’t even tell you the last time Brown shared a photo of herself and Kody.

These days, she’s only ever seen at home by herself or out and about, hiking through the woods and pondering some of the world’s more profound questions.

“Having her own life, doing fun things, finding friends is the best thing she can be doing for herself," continued The Sun source of Meri.

"She’s finding herself, what she wants and believes. I hope Meri wakes up and ditches this insanity."

Meri Brown at Peace

The insanity referenced here, of course, is plural marriage in general and a marriage of any kind to Kody in particular.

Many observers have been speculating that the relationship is over… and this insider echoed that sentiment when speaking to this publication.

“That’s definitely my feeling, they’re separated. I think she’s been too hurt by him," he/she says.

"You can’t keep playing that role forever. They are unhappy living this way, but they are content because they believe they are happy.

"They are doing what God wants them to do and fulfilling their rigorous works."

Meri on Sister Wives

What will it take for Meri to make an official break-up announcement?

"If she finds another person she can fall in love with and loves and respects her, she would be tempted to leave," the source says.

Sadly, Meri tried to find another person back in 2015 when she and Kody went on a romantic break.

But that didn’t go well.