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If it is to be, it is up to me.

This seems to be the mantra Meri Brown has taken on the days.

And she wants everyone out there to know.

Meri Brown Snaps Selfie

The long-time Sister Wives star has been posting messages of late on Instagram that emphasize her independence, seemingly throwing shade in the process at both her husband, Kody, and the entire concept of plural marriage in general.

Typically, this is not an arrangement that encourages strong wills and preferences from women, you know?

Late last month, Meri made it clear in a post that she doesn’t need anyone to make her happy.

And now, as a caption to the above selfie, Meri has made it clear that she doesn’t take very kindly to others telling her what to do.

Meri Brown at Peace
Photo via Instagram

"For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal," Meri wrote to open this heartfelt status update, continuing as follows:

"I feel my most comfortable in them, not too showy or flashy, can dress it up a little with heels and a fancy necklace, or work out in the yard with sneakers and cut offs.

"It’s been my thing."

Yes, this was a post mostly about fashion.

But dig a little deeper, we think, and you’ll realize it was about a lot more as well.

Meri Brown at the Inn

Added Meri along these same lines:

"The world says I should improve my style. The world says I should wear a dress. The world says I should wear lipstick. But I say, I’ll do what I want.

"If I want to wear jeans and a t-shirt all day every day, I will. If I want to wear a skirt and t-shirt with sneakers, I will.

"If I want to dress up for a night out, I will. If I want to wear lipstick, well, that will just never happen, be assured!"

Meri Brown Dazzles in Blue
Photo via Instagram

Again, do you really think Meri is only discussing her wardrobe here?

Based on everything that’s transpired of late between her and Kody… based on the extreme tension between these spiritual spouses… it seems clear to us that Meri is making a statement aboout her life as a whole.

No one is gonna tell her what to do or how to act, you guys.

Meri Brown Hangs Outside

"Here’s the thing," Meri went on to emphasize on Instagram.

"I don’t need anyone but ME to tell me what I should do. I don’t need anyone but ME to tell me how to dress in the morning, or how do do my hair, or heaven help me, how to do my eyebrows!

"I’m a woman who has lived on this earth for nearly 50 years, and I’m not afraid to say it."

Brown proceeded to list all she’s accomplished in those five decades.

Meri Brown Enjoys the Outside
Photo via Instagram

I’ve raised a daughter.

I’ve had ups and downs.

I’ve had crazy and amazing life experiences. I’ve loved and been loved. I’ve felt pain and caused others pain. I’ve felt comforted and hopefully have been a comforter.

Point is, I’ve LIVED.

Meri Brown Appears Happy
Photo via Instagram

We understand that some observers may think we’re analyzing this far too deeply and that Meri is only talking about what she wants to wear in this post.

To that point of view, we simple ask:

Can you imagine Janelle, Robyn or Christine making a similar statement?

Can you envision any other famous member of a plural marriage staking out her autonomy in this fashion? 

Meri Brown with a Smirk
Photo via Instagram

Here is how Meri concluded her powerful post:

These experiences have shaped and formed me. And I’m not finished yet!

In the words of this oh, so amazing, graphic tee, Own Your Style! Figure out who you are and BE! Don’t let the world tell you otherwise.

Find your style and be confident in it! Find your cause and fight for it! Find your passion and create it!

YOU matter. YOU are amazing. YOU can conquer that goal. YOU can feel confident in your own skin. YOU can do hard things.

YOU can do ALL the things! You got this!

Pretty inspiring, right?

We’ve talked before about Meri making brave choices.

And it seems evident now just who she has chosen: Herself.