Larissa Lima Teases Fans: Eric Should Join Me on OnlyFans!

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90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima has sent some admittedly mixed messages about her goals to become a porn star on OnlyFans.

Now, she is once again tantalizing fans -- and suggesting that not all of her content will be made alone.

Larissa Lima and Eric Foster

Just weeks after her final, deeply upsetting fight with Colt Johnson in January 2019, Larissa Lima resolved to move on.

She joined Tinder as we reported and soon, in February of that year, teased fans that she had a new, hot boyfriend.

Eric Nichols, as we came to know him, was a total upgrade from Colt.

He was younger, hotter, and significantly more independent than Coltee had ever been.

Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols Have an Announcement

In September of that year, however, they broke up.

Larissa decided to end it and Eric found out that it was over when he checked his phone. Awkwardly, it was on September 11.

While it was miles ahead of how things ended with Colt, there were hurt feelings on both sides.

Eric has since admitted that he regrets some of his actions after their split.

Colt Johnson, Debbie Johnson, and Eric Nichols

The good news is that Larissa and Eric are back together.

They made their peace and rekindled their steamy romance.

Together on social media, Larissa and Eric announced the happy reconciliation early this spring.

Now, it looks like Eric may join her in more than just a relationship, however.

Eric Nichols and Larissa Lima Bury the Hatchet

"Soon," Larissa tweeted back in March, "my OnlyFans will be available."

She followed those words with three fire emojis.

OnlyFans is an adult subscription site where subscribers pay a monthly fee to see a particular person, couple, or throuple's content.

That content can be anything from simple, tasteful nudes to full length sex videos.

Larissa Lima - I will be on OnlyFans soon

Larissa has even asked fans to let her know what they'd like to see from her.

"What kind of content would you like to see [on] my OnlyFans account," Larissa asked her followers earlier this spring.

Now that was a literal invitation for horny DMs, so we hope that no one stooped to harassment.

Talking about sex work online can be a complicated or even embarrassing activity. We hope that people are treating Larissa with respect.

Larissa Lima - what kind of OnlyFans content do you want to see

Interestingly, Larissa has sent some wildly mixed messages about OnlyFans.

These social media posts have been accompanied by denials that she has any plans to do porn.

It may be a word choice. Perhaps, to Larissa, "porn" only means the professional porn industry.

Most consider OnlyFans content to be porn -- and it's not a bad thing.

Larissa Lima - should Eric Nichols join me on OnlyFans?

This weekend, she took things further, asking fans a question that many of them have already been discussing.

"Should Eric john me and do onlyfans?" Larissa asked her followers.

This could mean two things, the first being a question of whether Eric should open his own OnlyFans account.

The alternative interpretation would be if she's asking if her hot, ottery boyfriend should costar on her OnlyFans.

Larissa Lima Receives a Birthday Kiss from Eric

In the latter case, we could be talking about seeing sex play out on camera.

But that is not necessarily the case.

Obviously, two people can be naked in photos and videos together without performing any kind of sex.

Nude art is its own genre, and pics of couples (and more) lounging all over each other can be more erotic than some full-on boning.

Eric Foster

Larissa is aware that her boyfriend is a hottie.

In fact, that was one of the reasons given for why she made fans wait weeks before showing his face or revealing his name.

She admitted that she wanted to keep him to herself for a little while.

Eric's first public appearance by her side was at her Divorce Party in March of 2019.

Larissa Lima Plays Coy

Before that, Eric's face had been obscured by filters -- so most fans saw his bare torso before they saw his face.

We're sure that all sorts of 90 Day Fiance fans will have all sorts of opinions.

OnlyFans is weirdly controversial among fans, because all types of sex work are stigmatized in our prudish, sex-negative society.

And Larissa is one of the most polarizing figures to ever star on the franchise.

Eric Nichols

So what can we expect?

Honestly, Larissa is likely planning on going nude on her OnlyFans.

We do not expect to see full-fleged boning or any explicit sex acts, given Larissa's expressed reservations.

That said, Larissa has surprised us before -- and maybe Eric will, too!

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