Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols: We're Back Together, Fools!

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This is not an April Fools Day prank, folks. For that, we'd go much bigger.

On Tuesday, March 31, a little over six months after they broke up, Larissa Lima shared a selfie featuring Eric Nichols.

The photo of her with her ex-boyfriend is apparently new.

She and Erickee have a complicated history, but there was a lot of love during their romance.

And compared to the drama and misery in her marriage to Colt, Larissa's 7-month relationship with Eric was a cakewalk.

Take a look at Larissa's photo -- and its caption -- below.

WIll the second time be the charm for Larissa and Eric?

1. Is this real?

Is this real?
Larissa Lima shared this post on Tuesday, March 31, featuring her ex-boyfriend Eric Nichols. We'll get to her caption of the apparently new photo in a moment. First, a quick reminder. ...

2. After Colt, Larissa was unhappy

After Colt, Larissa was unhappy
To be fair, she was also pretty miserable while she was still with her ex-husband, Colt Johnson. Even without his huge cheating scandal, it was an unhappy, toxic marriage -- and it ended on January 11, 2019.

3. Larissa took time to recover

Larissa took time to recover
In February of that year, she signed up for Tinder, making it clear that she was looking for a real relationship, not for a hookup. With her looks, it wasn't long before she found a new man -- though at first, all that we knew about him was that he was affectionate and that he was thoughtful enough to bring her flowers.

4. Then, Larissa showed him off

Then, Larissa showed him off
About a year ago, Larissa threw her divorce party at Crazy Horse III, a gentleman's club in Vegas, where she first showed Eric's unfiltered face. It was also Erickee's red carpet debut.

5. He was a total upgrade

He was a total upgrade
Eric is younger and hotter than Colt, Eric does not live with his mom, and more importantly, he showered Larissa with love and affection as most people expect their partners to -- something that Larissa did not experience with Colt.

6. Their relationship spanned for months

Their relationship spanned for months
Eric even ended up appearing on the Tell All special for Happily Ever After. At the time, due to her legal battle, Larissa could not appear at the Tell All in person.

7. It was a healing time for her

It was a healing time for her
Eric also came out of his shell a little during their relationship, as he had initially been a little too nervous to show his face on her social media.

8. The contrast was too real

The contrast was too real
Larissa noted that sometimes it's hard to put your finger on everything that was wrong with your last relationship until you have a good relationship and can really note all of the glaring differences.

9. Fans were won over

Fans were won over
It's not that anybody wanted to see Larissa get back with Colt, but a lot of fans were leery of Eric, whom they perceived as Larissa's rebound and nothing more. But their romance lasted for seven months.

10. Eric even came to her second party

Eric even came to her second party
Thrown at (and by) the same venue as Larissa's divorce party, she also celebrated her birthday with a huge party.

11. It was a huge deal!

It was a huge deal!
This time, Eric was no longer new to dating a public figure, and had already been viewed by millions on the Tell All.

12. It was very sweet

It was very sweet
Also, did you notice the words on that cake?

13. Larissa's most famous phrase

Larissa's most famous phrase
"Who is against the queen will die" is so memorable and so meme-worthy.

14. Then, it was over

Then, it was over
Apparently, Larissa called Eric on September 11, 2019 and he missed her message, so she just informed him that she was dumping him. To him, it was a shock.

15. Larissa was single again

Larissa was single again
Once again, she found herself single and wondering what was next for her love life.

16. Eric could have made better choices

Eric could have made better choices
When the wounds from the breakup were still fresh, Eric decided to take photos with Debbie and Colt -- like supervillains teaming up because they all hate Spider-Man. To be clear, Eric has expressed that he regrets doing this.

17. Larissa still made a splash ...

Larissa still made a splash ...
She went on one "date," in which no one even kissed, with 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Corey Rathgeber, igniting a firestorm within the fandom and prompting her to go to all-out war with Evelin Villegas. What a mess that was.

18. Eventually, they made peace

Eventually, they made peace
In November, about two months after Larissa and Eric broke up, they buried the hatchet. Larissa no longer held Erickee responsible for the strange phone calls that she was getting -- and she would later reveal that she was being harassed by a stalker.

19. Still, not all was perfect

Still, not all was perfect
Larissa opened up about her depression and anxiety -- and about the harrowing experience with a stalker.

20. She also dealt with hate from fans

She also dealt with hate from fans
Larissa has been a popular target for trolls who complain about her simple cosmetic procedures.

21. They also make up wild things

They also make up wild things
People keep accusing Larissa of getting butt implants of one kind or another, as if we haven't all seen her do squats on Instagram.

22. She's just booty-licious, folks

She's just booty-licious, folks
Larissa has nothing against plastic surgery, but she'd probably tell us all if she got her butt plumped. She told the whole world when she got anal bleaching, so why not?

23. She still wants to make peace

She still wants to make peace
Larissa has expressed a desire to one day reconcile with Debbie Johnson -- at least enough to hug if they see each other around town.

24. And now, this:

And now, this:
"Biggie love announcement," Larissa posted to Instagram on March 31. "We’re happy and that’s what matters." She didn't say the magic "we are dating" words, but her implication is unmistakable. Maybe the second time will be the charm! We wish them luck!

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