Larissa Lima Praises Jorge Nava Body Transformation: He's So Hot!!

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90 Day Fiance fans have been falling over themselves pointing out that Jorge Nava is totally hot after spending over a year and a half in prison.

Fans aren't the only ones taking notice. It looks like Jorge has caught the eye of Larissa Lima herself.

Larissa Lima Makes a Toast

We recently shared Larissa Lima's lengthy comments about watching Colt move on among other topics.

At that same time, the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star also spoke to Access about a former castmate of hers.

"I got shocked when I saw Jorge’s transformation," Larissa acknowledged.

She is hardly alone!

Jorge Nava Was Released from Prison

"He was good looking in the past," Larissa was sure to affirm.

"But he looks like buff," she characterized, "ready to go."

Buff isn't how we would describe Jorge, but that may be a language barrier issue. Maybe ... fit?

Larissa repeated: "I was very surprised."

Jorge Nava and Anfisa Arkhipchenko Discuss His Prison Sentence

Jorge Nava was caught with a massive amount of marijuana -- a medicinal plant that is still unjustly outlawed in multiple states.

He began serving his sentence in 2018. In May of 2020, he was released.

In addition to losing his wife, Anfisa, who decided to move on while he was behind bars, Jorge went through an impressive transformation.

In prison, Jorge dropped 128 pounds.

Jorge Nava Shares Dramatic Prison Weight Loss

Jorge has explained that part of his weight loss can be attributed to a lack of choice.

He could not choose his food or his portions, so easy options like fast food were off of the table -- literally.

Additionally, Jorge revealed that he undertook a new fitness routine -- out of a lack of better things to do.

Jorge began running early in the morning.

Jorge Nava and New Girlfriend

Anfisa is not the only one who has heart eyes for Jorge 2.0.

The 90 Day Fiance alum recently revealed that he has a new girlfriend.

Though he has yet to give fans and followers a deep dive into his new romance, he at least let us see what one of their dates looked like.

Jorge Nava IG new girlfriend teasers

Obviously, Jorge having moved on means that he is unlikely to respond to Anfisa's praise by asking her out on a date.

That's just as well -- he has his hands full with a girlfriend and a wife.

(Remember, he is still legally married to Anfisa until the divorce goes through, and that process has scarcely begun)

Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols Have an Announcement

That won't be a problem for Larissa, who revealed earlier this year that she and Eric Nichols have reconciled.

Eric has been her on-again, off-again boyfriend for the past 16 months.

Weeks after her frightening breakup with Colt Johnson, Larissa joined Tinder. Weeks later, she introduced the world to her boyfriend.

Larissa Lima and Boyfriend

Eric Nichols actually made his public debut at Larissa's divorce party, which was held at a strip club.

What a way to introduce yourself to the world, right?

Since then, their romance has had its ups and downs, but we'd say that Larissa is not in the market to hook up with Jorge, and the feeling is mutual.

Larissa Lima Plays Coy

Larissa has also been teasing the idea of creating an OnlyFans account, while emphasizing that she doesn't want to do full nudity.

Given that OnlyFans is an adult media where even a lower subscription cost can charge similarly to a streaming service like Netflix, good luck.

Our impression is that subscribers want to get their money's worth. But hey, boudoir shots could find a real market.

Jorge Nava Poses on a Car

Jorge, in the meantime, is trying to pick up the pieces of his old life and move on.

Hopefully, he will be able to start up work again without his conviction getting in the way.

Jorge has also expressed an interest in returning to reality television, and fans would love to see that, too.

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