Jorge Nava Released from Prison: I'm FREE and I'm HOT!

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90 Day Fiance fans have been looking forward to Jorge Nava being released from prison, but not as much as Jorge himself.

Now, he's finally out and tasting freedom -- and he has shared the photos to prove it!

Jorge Nava is FREE

"The sky is the limit," Jorge Nava captions a set of three photos, the first pics shared since his release from prison.

He adds the hashtag: "#Freedom."

In the images, he wears a white shirt while leaning against a white car, while a clear blue sky dominates the frame.

Jorge uploaded the photos in the evening on Tuesday, May 12.

Jorge Nava Was Released from Prison

Fellow 90 Day Fiance star Steven Frend was quick to comment: "Welcome back!"

As you can see in the screenshot below, others -- such as Colt Johnson's ex Jess Caroline, 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, and Evelin Villegas liked the pics.

One fan commented: "Welcome back George!!!"

"It's Jorge," the reality star replied, gently correcting the fan's (all too common) mispelling of his name.

Jorge Nava IG - first post after prison 12 May 2020

Some commenters were quick to bring up Jorge's soon-to-be ex-wife, Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava.

"Anfisa is shaking," one declared, using common social media terminology, in reference to how good Jorge looks.

"First things first," another fan advised, "get a divorce."

Jorge has previously stated that this is his plan.

Jorge Nava Poses on a Car

A lot of people could not help but comment on his looks.

"Freedom looks good on you," one somewhat neutral fan commented.

A much thirstier comment invited Jorge to "Come be my husband."

"You were handsome before and handsome now," a follower praised. "Glad to see you free."

Jorge Nava Shares Dramatic Prison Weight Loss

Others were just thrilled to see him breathing free air after he spent nearly two years locked up.

"Alexa, play Criminal by Britney Spears," commented a fan with excellent taste in music.

"Happy for you!" raved another. "Enjoy your freedom and stay safe."

We certainly hope that he does both of those things.

Jorge Nava and John Yates IG livestream

Posting three celebratory modeling shots was not Jorge's only activity on Instagram.

He also selected 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates as his very first public conversation.

The two chatted on Instagram Live.

It's great to see that Jorge is not only out and about, but immediately diving into engaging with the 90 Day Fiance fandom.

Jorge Nava "freedom" IG Story

Jorge also shared a short video of him listening to rap while on the road.

He glances into his rear-view mirror, catching his own face on camera, while doing so.

He writes "freedom" with the use of the eyes emoji most often used for responding tastefully to thirst traps.

In this case, he is clearly just enjoying the views that come with being a free man.

Jorge Nava IG story food

Speaking of freedom, Jorge also got to choose his own food for the first time since prison.

He opted for a fairly tame meal of steak, mashed potatoes, and broccoli. Baby steps, right?

Jorge noted that part of the diet that contributed to his weight loss was eating a lot of oatmeal and peanut butter, combined with exercise.

Some of us might have eaten a small feast on our first day out of lockup, but Jorge is clearly exercising self-control.

Jorge Nava Weight Loss After 14 Months in Prison

Jorge turned heads when his updated mugshot, snapped late in 2019, revealed his dramatic weight loss.

He lost over 125 pounds through regular exercise and a lack of access to convenient, tasty foods found outside of prison.

Unfortunately, Jorge says that this weight loss is why Anfisa decided to leave him.

He says that she was jealous of the attention that he received for dropping the pounds, and almost immediately decided to move on.

Jorge Nava and Anfisa Arkhipchenko Discuss His Prison Sentence

As we already reported, a number of commenters were encouraging Jorge to divorce Anfisa and move on.

That has been his stated plan, especially since Anfisa has a boyfriend -- something that Jorge learned online just like everyone else.

Interestingly, Anfisa seems to have removed Leo Assaf's photos from her Instagram, though they are still following each other. Hmmm.

It's likely that Jorge's plans for divorce will go on as planned, but, just on the safe side, maybe don't do too much Anfisa-bashing in his comments.

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