Rob Kardashian: I'm Skinny Again and Ready For the Spotlight!

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Few celebrities have seen as many ups and downs in recent years as Rob Kardashian.

As an adolescent and young man, Rob was essentially handed the world on a platter.

Rob Kardashian, Blue Hat

All he had to do was put in semi-regular appearances on the reality show his sisters made a hit and defend against allegations of laziness and entitlement by launching some BS business venture.

(Try as you might, you'd be hard-pressed to come up with an idea more half-assed than Rob's sock company).

But fame isn't for everyone, and whether it was the death of his father or something we don't even know about, Rob was clearly grappling with some sort of unresolved trauma.


He retreated into seclusion and began self-medicating in worrisome fashion.

Rob gained a lot weight and essentially disappeared from public view.

Then he started dating Blac Chyna, and she vowed to rehabilitate both his body and career.

Eventually, Chyna and Rob had a baby together, and even the most skeptical fans allowed themselves to feel optimistic about his future.

Rob with His Dream

Of course, we probably don't need to tell you how that turned out.

Rob and Blac's relationship fell apart in epic fashion; he posted revenge porn; and they're still duking it out over child support.

The road back was not an easy one for Rob.

Rob Kardashian, Blue Hat

He seemed to fall right back into the habits that dragged him down previously, except now the situation was even sadder, as Rob has a daughter.

In recent months, the Rob situation has seemed rather bleak, as the 33-year-old disappeared from public view once again and reportedly sank into a deep depression.

So it brings us great pleasure to bring you the following update on Rob's comeback:

Rob Kardashian Lost Weight

Yes, not only did he put in an appearance at Khloe Kardashian's 36th birthday party over the weekend, as you can see, the man is looking trimmer than he has in years.

"Sweet 16 woo," Rob captioned the above photo of himself and Kourtney Kardashian.

(Kourtney echoed the comment, so presumably, it's some sort of inside joke between them).

Rob Kardashian Is Back

Rob also posed with Tristan Thompson, who basically confirmed the rumors that he's back together with Khloe by attending her birthday party.

"Woo back baby," Rob captioned that pic.

Fans assumed he was talking about his own comeback, but he could have been referring to the long-awaited return of the NBA.

And, of course, no set of comeback photos would be complete without a cameo from The Lord himself, Scott Disick.

Rob Kardashian With Scott Disick

Needless to say, fans were stoked to see Rob back on top.

"Looking good. Great job keep going," one follower commented.

"YES ROB!!! Proud of you dude!" another echoed.

"Dammmm rob kardashian looking like a snack," a third chimed in.

Rob Kardashian in a Car

A fourth fan commented simply, "Rob damn hottie."

We'd like to add our voice to the chorus of those congratulating Rob on his health and happiness.

We missed ya, buddy. Welcome back.

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