Geoffrey Paschel: 90 Day Fiance Never Fired Me! I'm INNOCENT!

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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Geoffrey Paschel is an accused rapist and wife-beater who did not take part in the Tell All.

But, in his latest desperate attempt to whitewash his image, he is insisting that he was not fired.

Geoffrey Paschel to the camera

Like so many 90 Day Fiance stars before him, Geoffrey Paschel did an interview on The Domenick Nati Show.

He strongly insists that, contrary to rumor, he was not actually “let go” from this past season.

"I’m not fired, period," Geoffrey claims.

We will delve into the possible veracity of that statement shortly.

Geoffrey Paschel mugshot

Furthermore, Geoffrey says that there is a simple explanation for his absence from the Tell All.

He says that this absence is because of his ongoing legal case.

He was charged with aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault, interference with an emergency call, and vandalism.

The charges stem from his arrest in June 2019 after a brutal, bloody attack on his then-girlfriend and follow-up violence described in the police report.

Geoffrey Paschel 90 Day Fiance

Geoffrey has poured a lot of effort into trying to convince 90 Day Fiance fans that he's not the monster that a plurality of his exes say that he is.

He has had a lot of practice, it seems, always convincing each new girlfriend that all of his exes are bitter liars.

On Instagram Live, Geoffrey acted as if missing the Tell All was no big deal.

"I’m not sad that I wasn’t on it," he insisted to his followers.

90 day fiance before: geoffrey scolds varya

He does, however, come short of trying to convince people that he personally made the choice to not appear at the Tell All on a whim.

At the same time, Geoffrey drops hints along the lines of what has already been suspected to be true.

He suggests that Varya Malina was invited, but declined to partake in the Tell All out of solidarity with Geoffrey.

That sounds very misguided of her.

Geoffrey and Varya in Moscow

Now, there have been hints of him ending up with Varya, as the show suggested, but also of him ending up with Mary.

But Geoffrey says that he is "not allowed" to clear the air on that topic -- not yet. He is likely still under contract.

“I’m not trying to lead you on and carrot stick approach you,” Geoffrey says.

He instructs fans: “Be patient … It’s going to be great."

Geoffrey on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

What is going to be great is that Geoffrey's trial for last year's brutal domestic assault begins on Friday, June 26.

The trial date has been continuously pushed back because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Domestic violence is often difficult to prosecute successfully, due to cultural problems and some glaring flaws in our justice system.

But it is hoped that the police report, the outcry witness, and ample physical evidence including the victim's blood will be enough to convict and incarcerate.

Geoff Paschel

First of all, we should cover what many fans have been asking: why was Geoffrey allowed to travel outside of the country last year?

He flew out to see Varya after his arrest in June.

Well, in real life, there is often a delay between an arrest and the final list of charges.

Geoffrey Paschel speaks at home

Geoffrey's charges that were issued in late 2019 were more serious than those of his initial arrest.

This is because they came after prosecutors and police had gone over the evidence.

The initial arrest was in response to the fearful call from the victim, who called from her neighbor's house after finally being able to escape her home.

Geoffrey Paschel

That's why he was permitted to travel outside of the country.

The Tell All was filmed in May of 2020, so Geoffrey might not have been able to make it ... except that the Tell All was remote, per the pandemic.

So why exactly did his upcoming trial prevent him from participating, you wonder?

90 day fiance before: geoffrey I'm failing myself

The question is: was Geoffrey fired? He says no.

It sounds like he may be playing word games.

If you have a job and are contacted with the message that you are "not invited" to continue at that job, most would say that you were laid off or fired.

geoffrey paschel flips out

We are not mind-readers and cannot say with certainty why Geoffrey is trying so desperately to win over fans.

Most people, with their vicious and lengthy criminal records exposed to the world, might opt to disappear from public discourse.

Maybe Geoffrey is convinced that he can win this trial and go on to lead a successful life as an F-list public figure.

What if he's right? OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony are walking free, after all. That's a chilling thought.

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