Darcey Silva Lands 90 Day Fiance Spinoff, Enraging Ex Jesse Meester

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This year, viewers watched Darcey Silva end things with Tom Brooks. But the end of her relationship was not the end of her 90 Day Fiance career.

Darcey has what she has always wanted -- her very own spinoff. And her ex, Jesse Meester, is frothing at the mouth with envy.

Darcey Silva Gets "Athletic"

On Monday, June 29, 90 Day Fiance made a huge announcement.

"The First Ladies of fierce!" the franchise teased on Instagram.

"The Silva sisters are coming at you," the announcement continued, "on an all-new #90DayFiance spinoff."

The caption detailed: "#DarceyAndStacey premiering Sunday, August 16 at 10/9c"

Darcey Silva 90 Day Fiance spinoff announcement IG

Darcey and Stacey is a name that evokes Cagney and Lacey vibes, and deliberately so.

But this reality series will follow the Silva twins navigate their lives.

90 Day Fiance as a whole focuses upon romance, and even The Family Chantel hinges upon the marriage between Chantel and Pedro.

This spinoff may be their most family-focused project yet.

Stacey Silva and Florian Sukaj Star for Darcey and Stacey

We can also look forward to seeing Darcey's children.

Aniko is 15. Aspen is 14. 

We will also see Darcey's parents, Mike and Nancy.

Are they divorced? Yes. But they're still friends.

Darcey Silva Flaunts Her Good Side

Darcey spoke about getting her very own spinoff with Entertainment Weekly.

"I'm really super excited about the new show and very grateful to TLC," Darcey began.

"I've had a long journey with relationships," she acknowledged.

"And now that I've fully concluded my Jessie and Tom stories," Darcey stated, "I am finally excited about what the future holds."

Darcey Silva on Season 4

"I am at a stage in my life where I am happy with my life," Darcey declared.

"And," she affirmed, "I'm staying strong for me and my daughters and my family."

"And I'm so excited to dive deeper into our family life on the new show," Darcey added.

She emphasized that she is excited for the "past, present, and future."

Darcey Silva, Glasses Selfie

"I can't wait for audiences to meet my mom," Darcey divulged.

Characterizing her mother, she shared: "she's a riot!"

'She's so cute," Darcey declared, "and she has so much love for everybody."

Darcey Silva at Night

"We all call her Nana," Darcey noted, "and she's been so helpful to Darcey and me."

"Our father, the patriarch of our family, is someone we've always looked up to," she detailed.

Darcey emphasized: "It's really special that we will be able to show them off in our new show."

Darcey Silva on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

But not everyone is as thrilled as Darcey for 90 Day Fiance's one billionth spinoff.

Darcey's ex, Jesse Meester, was clearly fuming with outrage at the news.

Perhaps envious that his thotty underwear pics haven't made him an A-lister yet, he laid into Darcey.

Jesse Meester Cultivates a Certain Look

"She only had to use, abuse, and manipulate 5 guys to get what she wanted all along from the network," he commented under the announcement.

"Ethics, TLC?" he asked, as if the TV network had ever indicated that it cared about right and wrong.

(These are the people who cast Geoffrey Paschel, after all)

"When lying and manipulating gets rewarded," Jesse declared, "I will speak up."

Jesse Meester badmouths Darcey Silva spinoff IG

"She still owes me money, too," Jesse accused.

"Maybe she can finally pay me back now," he hissed.

"Been a sugar daddy for her for far too long," Jesse claimed, "so she could get help."

Darcey Silva Feels Conflicted

Sour grapes aside, Darcey is one of the most talked about stars in the franchise's history.

She is also the very first of the stars to return for another season with a new partner.

There is a reason that she is Chrissy Teigen's favorite reality star.

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